Steps to obtaining a Study Permit

Studying in Canada

If you are looking to further your studies or boost your career prospects then Canada is one of the best places to gain higher education. It can be very scary and exciting feeling to experience to opting to studying abroad, however it will be one the best choices you make. It is a great place to study as it allows international students to experience multiculturalism, take advantage of the affordable prices compared to other English speaking countries. Students are able to work legally during studies and most importantly feel safe during their time of studies.

What do I need to Study in Canada?

If you are looking to study in Canada, you must submit your application to college or universities in advance and receive admissions letter at one of the designated learning institutions. Most international students have to prove language proficiency in English or French. This is done by taking the IELTS, CELPIP or TEF test. To ensure you get a seat at the preferred designation you must brush up your language skills so that your application does not get rejected. Once you have the acceptance letter in hand you are able to apply for a Canada Study Permit.

Study Permit

A study permit is a written confirmation issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows international students to study at a designated learning institution in Canada. This permit is only for temporary stay in Canada typically it indicates as to the institution they are attending, length of program and conditions on the permit.

Study Permit Important Documents

To be successful in obtaining a study permit you must show

  • Ties to home country
  • Financial documents
  • ID documents
  • Proof of acceptance
  • Letter of explanation (study plan)
  • Custodian declaration (minors only)
  • Valid visa or an eTA depending on country of citizenship

How to Apply for Study Permit

Most international students have to apply for a study permit prior to coming to Canada. However, some students can apply from within Canada or at the port of entry depending on their circumstances.

Student Applying from Outside of Canada:

  • You can apply online or paper application (online is faster)
  • Include biometrics (if applicable)
  • Pay processing fees and anyone else included in your application
  • Include all documentation as per the checklist
  • Submit application and then you await communication from CIC. Processing times varies based on country of citizenship
  • Police clearance and medicals may requested
  • If approved you will receive letter of introduction, alongside with an eTA or visa depending on country of citizenship. Upon entry you show this to the immigration officer and he/she will issue a study permit
  • If refused, they will indicate reasons for refusal

Student Applying from Inside of Canada:

To be eligible to apply for a study permit from inside of Canada you must show one of the following indicated below to be eligible to apply from inside. If you said yes, then same instructions as above is applicable to you.

  • you have valid study or work permit
  • your spouse, common-law partner or parent has a valid study or work permit
  • you’re a minor child in primary or secondary school
  • you’re an exchange student or visiting student
  • you completed a short-term course or study program required to be accepted at a DLI
  • you or your spouse, common-law partner or dependent child has a temporary resident permit (TRP) valid for 6 months or more
  • you’re being sponsored to immigrate and you already applied for permanent residence (if you’re eligible)
  • you or your spouse, common-law partner or dependent child are subject to an unenforceable removal order
  • you’re the spouse, common-law partner or dependent child of:
    • an athlete on a team based in Canada
    • a member of the media
    • a member of the clergy
    • military personnel on duty in Canada or
    • an accredited foreign representative

Student Applying from Inside of Canada:

To be eligible to apply for a student permit at the port of entry, you should show:

  • You are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Resident of Greenland
  • Resident of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

Prior to arriving at the port of entry, you must ensure you meet the eligibility requirements to receive a study permit. Have all the necessary documentation ready for the officers’ review, depending on country of citizenship and circumstances you may require medical exam or police clearance.

If you are looking to apply at the airport, you must have your eTA ready prior to boarding flight. Upon arrival at the port of entry whether by car or air you should inform the officer you are here to obtain a study permit.

The immigration officer will request your passport or other travel document, review your application to see if you meet the requirements and see if you medical certificate is valid or if you require one. If approved, you will be granted the study permit at the port of entry, if you are refused you may able to just enter as a visitor.

What happens when you arrive in Canada?

Upon arriving at the port you will be requested present your passport or travel document. You may be asked questions to ensure you meet the requirements to enter and you are able to show you have reasons to go back to your home country. If the border services officer lets you in what they do is stamp your passport and this can also be shown for school that you are able to study in Canada. If the immigration officer did not your passport you can also use the primary inspection kiosk to get your passport stamped.

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