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If you are looking into inviting your parents to Canada and are unsure whether to file for a Super Visa or Visitor Visa also known as a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) then watch our video to find out which visa could work better for your family to be invited to Canada.

Super Visa vs. Visitor Visa

Since the introduction of the Super Visa in November 2011, there has been some confusion between what are the specific differences between Super Visas and Visitor Visas. What adds to the confusion is that a Super Visa is essentially a form of Visitor Visa and shares some of the same conditions.

Super Visas purpose is to allow parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to come Canada for a longer period of time. Super Visa allows parents or grandparents to stay up to maximum of 2 years in Canada while with Visitor Visa the maximum one can stay is 6 months. Visitor Visa’s main purpose is for tourism. It implies that the person coming to Canada will be here temporarily and is not going to attempt to work or remain in the country beyond the period validated for his or her stay.

Both a Visitor Visa and a Super Visa share a common trait: both are temporary. Despite the Super Visa allowing extended periods of visitation, the stay in Canada is still limited and both applicants of Visitor and Super Visas must intend to return to their country of origin.

For the Super Visa as the inviter you would need to meet the minimum income requirements and provide written statement that you will support your parents or grandparents financially during their time of stay in Canada. The parent or grandparents must also get a one year Canadian medical insurance coverage and meet the medical requirements.

Also, the Super Visa is only for Parents or Grandparents of Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents while the Visitor Visa is for anyone that would like to come to Canada for tourism purposes or visit a family or friend in Canada.

If you are not sure if you should apply for Visitor Visa or Super Visa for your parents or grandparents then contact Akrami & Associates to determine your eligibility and see which route will work best for your family.

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