Denied Entry to Canada Can I File My Own Application?

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File my Own Temporary Resident Permit Application

Yes, there is no requirement that you have representation to file for temporary or permanent residency just like there is no requirement to hire someone to represent you in a civil or criminal case but it generally makes sense to have a professional by your side, don't you agree? Our firm will provide you with document checklist, A thorough review of all applications, and prepare you for any possible interview questioning to avoid costly mistakes and rejections of your case.

Immigration regulations are strict and TRP applications can have a higher risk of refusal in cases where the application is not properly prepared. The Canadian immigration standards are very high. The main reason why people are denied entry is due to not enough knowledge of really is required for a TRP application.

You MUST be prepared as anything can happen if you expect to cross the border. The documentation and processes involved in successfully obtaining a TRP can be complex and usually require legal expertise.

Why Hire Us to Help You With Your TRP Applications

Many of our clients are happy with us as they relieve themselves of the paperwork and having to deal with government agencies. It is our pleasure to see clients enter Canada without all the hassles of filing tons of complicated paperwork.

We have helped many clients successful enter Canada. We are certain we can help you too. Please call us and let you assess your situation and inform you how we can help you! We will help you move forward.

Also check our site dedicated for Denied Entry to Canada and Temporary Resident Permit

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