What Akrami & Associates Can Do for You

Akrami & Associates is an immigration firm that is dedicating to getting positive results for its clients. A team of highly skilled immigration professionals comprised of lawyers, paralegals, immigration consultants and legal assistance will be dedicated to the successful completion of your matter.

Though we cannot guarantee success of application, you can guarantee that we will build the strongest possible case for you depending on the unique merits of your situation. Decisions on applications are up to complete discretion of citizenship and immigration Canada an officer making a decision on your matter. For this reason, no one can guarantee you a positive results and anyone who does is simply misleading. That is not what Akrami & Associates is about.

Akrami & Associates is about serving our clients to the best of our ability and making sure that the cases are fairly and accurately represented the best of our ability. A high success rate speaks for itself as we have helped many people achieve their goals in Canada. Akrami & Associates main goal is client satisfaction. We can’t guarantee you that regardless of the outcome of your case that you’ll be satisfied with how your case was handled.

As we understand that everyone has unique backgrounds and situations we have developed affordable fees that are fair and based on the application type and not an hourly rate.

Akrami & Associates has also developed immigration kits for those who feel that legal representation is not necessary and wish to attempt to complete an application on their own. We strongly recommend those who wish to attempt an application at their own to consider purchasing one of our kits as they are step-by-step guide to assisting you in completing your application to the best of your ability. Our kits are extremely comprehensive and affordable and will work to the unique merits of your case.

Should you decide half way that you do wish to have legal representation, then you may contact us for assistance at any point and we’ll be glad to take over the matter.

Akrami & Associates is dedicated to its clients.  Your success is our success. Find out how we can help you.

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