What Documents do I need as Business Visitor to Canada

Business Visitor to Canada

Travelling to Canada as a Business Visitor not sure what documents you need to carry with you to have smooth entry into Canada? Below will discuss the steps you need to take as a Business Visitor to Canada.

A Business Visitor is a person that comes to Canada to conduct international business activities without entering the Canadian labour market. These individuals pretty much come to meet people from other companies to do business with his/her country. As business visitors you can come to observe site visits, train Canadians on a product or service or functions related to business. The business visitor must show that their main source of income comes from outside of Canada and that main place of business is located outside of Canada. If you are getting paid in Canada then unfortunately you are not considered a business visitor and have to apply for a Work Permit and you may potentially need a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Do I need eTA as a Business Visitor?

  • As of March 15, 2016 immigration Canada has made changes to entry requirements for visa-exempt countries. Previously, if you had come from a visa-exempt country all you had to do is book your ticket and board plane. Now visa-exempt countries such as Italy, France, Germany and other visa-exempt countries have to apply for Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). So prior to booking your ticket to Canada, visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website and apply for your eTA online. The eTA was created to screen travellers prior to entering into Canada as a visitor. The screening process was put into effect to ensure travellers do not have an inadmissibility issue prior to entering Canada. So if your eTA is not approved you would have to apply for Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) , Criminal Rehabilitation or Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) application depending on your unique situation. The eTA was introduced to reduce line ups at the airport and help visitors save money for being potentially denied entry at the port of entry. So now you can see if you meet requirements for entry into Canada from the comfort of your home. An eTA is valid for five years or until the validity of your passport you used to apply for your eTA. The eTA allows you travel back and forth to Canada up to six months or whatever time frame the immigration officer issued your stay for.

Steps to apply for eTA

  1. Go on CIC website
  2. Get your passport and credit card ready, and read the help document
  3. Use the online form to apply. The form cannot be saved. So have your information ready.
  4. Pay $7 CAD for your eTA right after you complete the form.
  5. Get an email confirmation about your eTA application within 72 hours. Most applications are approved within minutes.
  6. You may need to submit documents before your application can be approved. If this happens to you, an email will be sent with instructions. If you are asked supporting documents, processing can take up to several days. So get your eTA first prior to booking your flight.

Do I need a Visitor Visa as Business Visitor to Canada?

If you come from non-visa exempt country such as Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Brazil, Bermuda, Malaysia and other non-visa exempt countries you would need to apply for Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) also known as Visitor Visa. To demonstrate your intent to Canada is only temporary as a visitor you need to provide ample documents proving you have no reasons to remain in Canada. These documents can include property you own back home, bank statements, family or job obligations back home. If you are planning to conduct business in Canada such as attend a meeting, conference, lecture or whatever it may be as the business visitor you need the following documents:

  • a letter of invitation from your potential business partner in Canada
  • contact details from your business partner in Canada
  • proof that you have a job back home with identity documents
  • intend to stay less than 6 months in Canada
  • not planning to enter the canadian labour market
  • proving your main source of income and profit is coming outside of Canada
  • where is your main source of business
  • meeting basic entry requirements – having travel document, having sufficient funds to support your stay and return to home country, no intent to reside in Canada, no criminal record, not a health risk to canadians

Who is considered a Business Visitor?

Business Visitors include individuals that:

  • buy canadian goods or services for a foreign business or government
  • take orders for goods or services
  • attend business meetings, conferences, lectures, trade fairs
  • give after-sales service- this is only to manage but not doing hands on labour
  • come for training in the Canadian parent company
  • come to train employees in the Canadian branch of a foreign company
  • come to be trained by the Canadian company that have purchased equipment or services

Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, a U.S. or Mexican national may also take part in other activities, such as research, marketing and general services. If you plan on staying longer than six months or plan on working in Canada you may have to apply for Work Permit.

If you plan to stay longer than six months or plan to work in Canada, you may be considered a temporary worker and have to apply for a work permit.

What Documents do I need as a Business Visitor when arriving at the Border?

To have smooth entry into Canada it is recommended to carry these documents with you when you arrive at the Canadian border.

  • Valid passport and it must be the same passport your applied for the eTA
  • Temporary Resident Visa (if you come from non-visa exempt country)
  • eTA if you come from visa exempt country
  • Business Invitation Letter from the Canadian host
  • other documents such as warranty or service agreements, contracts, etc. if relevant to the visit
  • contact information from the Canadian host
  • proof of funds that you are able to support your stay in Canada and have sufficient money for your return to home

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