What to do when PR Card is Lost or Stolen or Damaged


What do I do if I lose my PR Card, or if it is Stolen or Destroyed Inside of Canada?

If you are inside of Canada and have lost your Permanent Resident (PR) card or fear that it is stolen or has been damaged extensively; then you need to fill out an online application web form at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website through which you will contact the IRCC. Section G, which is the solemn declaration, must be filled out while completing the form and a processing fee of $50 in Canadian funds must be submitted along with the application.

What do I do if I Lose my PR Card, or if it is Stolen or Destroyed Outside of Canada?

If your Permanent Resident Card is lost, stolen, or damaged while you are outside Canada, you should report the situation to the nearest Canadian Visa Office, embassy, consulate, or chancery. If you wish to return to Canada as a Permanent Resident but do not have a Permanent Resident Card, you will have to apply for and obtain a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD). A PRTD is valid for a single entry into Canada. Once back in Canada, you can use the online web form to order a replacement PR Card. Once again, Section G – the solemn declaration – must be filed out completely. The application must be attached with a $50 processing fee in Canadian fund.

What is the Processing Time for Getting a Permanent Resident Card?

If this is your first Permanent Resident card, then the application processing time is 49 days. Your first Permanent Resident card comes with the application which you initially use to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada. You do not need to apply separately for your first Permanent Resident Card.

If you are applying for a new Permanent Resident Card because your current one was lost, stolen, or damaged, the processing time is usually 90 days – 1 and a half month.

I have to leave Canada but do not have a PR Card. Can I return to Canada without a PR card? What documents will I need to provide as substitute?

If you are returning to Canada through a private vehicle:

  • A private vehicle is any vehicle used for transportation, such as a car, trailer, truck, wagon, that is not open to public use.

There are certain document which Permanent Residents of Canada can use to enter Canada without a Permanent Residents card if they are arriving using a private vehicle of their own.

If the travel was across Canada and the United States only, then Canadian Permanent Residents returning to Canada from the United States without a PR card by a private vehicle can present the following as proof of residency:

  • A valid passport
  • Membership card of NEXUS
  • Membership card of FAST

If you re returning to Canada through a commercial vehicle

  • A commercial vehicle is one that is open to the public such as an airplane, bus service, trains, or by boat or ferry

If you are entering Canada through a commercial vehicle that is open to public use then you will have to apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD), otherwise you may not be allowed to enter Canada. Once in Canada, you should apply for a renewal of your Permanent Resident Card. This will usually take 90 days to process and will require a processing fee of $50 in Canadian funds. Application for a renewal of the Permanent Resident and is done online through a web form at Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Your completed application, as well as Section G, will be sent to the IRCC for processing.

Most PR cards issued are valid for up to 5 years, but some are valid for one 1 year. The expiry date of your PR card is printed on it. If your PR card has six months left, then you should apply for a new PR card ahead of time in order to avoid complications should you have the need to travel. If you need to leave Canada soon, you can apply for an urgent processing

How do I renew my Permanent Resident Card?

You should send an application for a renewal of your PR card six months before your current PR card is going to expire:

In order to renew your PR card, you must:

  • Fill out and submit the online application form
  • Include two photos of yourself that were taken in the past six months to reflect your closest appearance
  • Include all the necessary and required supporting documents
  • Pay a $50 fee CAD

The application for Permanent Resident Card Renewal Form is IMM 5444. A PDF of the application can be found online at Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website. After filling in and signing the application form and enclosing the $50 processing fee; mail your completed application package to the Case Processing Centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Do new Permanent Residents of Canada need to apply for a Permanent Resident card?

New permanent residents of Canada are not required to apply for a permanent resident card when they arrive in Canada. When you first arrive in Canada, your first PR card will be delivered to you to the mailing address which you provided on your application forms. If you did not provide a mailing address, then you must do so within 18 days since the day you became a permanent resident. If you do not send your mailing address within 180 days, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will cancel your PR Card, and you will have to apply for another one and pay the processing fee of $50

You should receive your initial PR card within approximately 50 days. If you missed the 180 days cut-off then applying for a new PR card will take 90 days to arrive. Please contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada if you did not receive your permanent resident card within the allotted processing time.

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