Akrami and Associates Clients Roles and Responsibilities Video

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Are you looking into hiring a law firm to help you with your immigration matters? Watch our video and find out what your roles and responsibilities will be when choosing to hire Akrami & Associates.

Akrami and Associates Clients Roles and Responsibilities

Do you want to apply for criminal rehabilitation, TRP (Temporary Resident Permit), Spousal Sponsorship, or virtually any government application? Do not hesitate to reach out to Akrami & Associates for our knowledge and expertise regarding your legality needs. Once you make the choice to retain our firm as your legal representative, we will let you, as the client, know what we expect from you in regards to documentation and information that will enhance and make your application/case a complete and successful one. 

At Akrami and Associates we are all about working together with our clients to ensure the most truthful and successful application as possible. In order to do so, we require different pieces of documentation that we will ask from you. When you hire Akrami & Associates, it will be a team effort from both parties. Each party, both you (the client), and the firm will contribute all they have to construct the perfect and strong application. As legal representatives and associates, It is our job to tell you what documents we need from you, what format we need the documents in, and so on. However, as clients, your job is to provide us all the documents that we ask you for, and we expect you to do so as diligently as possible.  Some documents we may require from you, depending on your legal matter/case, are employment letters, pay stubs, passport pages/pictures, etc. We can and are more than willing to prepare these documents for you as long as you do your part by sending the required documents to us. If you do not know which documents to send us, just ask! We can send you templates of the applicable documents.

The most important aspect of completing an application is that, as the applicant, you are responsible to complete the application as thoroughly and precisely as possible. It is extremely important for your application to be accurate in regards to both information and documentation because if you make an error as small as forgetting a document, or forgetting to fill out a section in the application correctly, it may result in a failed and denied application. You know your situation more than anyone else, we will definitely send a copy of the application to you for a final revision before we submit at the visa office.

As you know, every application and document has an expiration date and if for some reason, our client is not able to submit it in time because of a sudden emergency, do not fret! When you hire our firm, as long as there is open communication from both sides, and you are aware of the required documentation we require from you, it is not a problem. In case of this situation, we would put your case on hold and you would be more than welcome to call us back and send in your application at a more reasonable time for yourself. At the end of the day, communication is key and what we want in a client, as well as our own selves. 

In regards to you as the client, you can expect all the guidance, expertise, knowledge from us at Akrami & Associates, and all we require from you is to get all the documents to us in a timely fashion so we can submit a complete application and a successful one as well.

If you have any questions regarding our firm or the roles and responsibilities of the staff at Akrami & Associates, give us a call we will definitely be able to let you know in detail. Also note that we will submit your application as long as you retain the firm we will provide a detailed retainer of roles and responsibilities of both the parties, so our duties as well as what we expect from you so that we can ensure a solid and successful application.

I hope this video helped inform you on what kind of mutual agreement we can have. Again, if you have any questions at all, feel free to give us a call because we are here to help.

With Akrami & Associates there is always a way!!


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