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Filing your own immigration application can be quite a headache or stressful situation. Unsure whether to file your own application or hire an immigration law firm? If so, watch our video to get some useful tips on why you should hire an immigration lawyer when submitting an immigration application. 

Why Hire a Immigration Law Firm

If you get charged with a DUI (driving under the influence), it is a major crime in Canada and may deem you inadmissible to Canada. You may not know you are inadmissible to Canada until you end up spending thousands of dollars on airplane tickets just to find out you are not allowed entry into the country. None of this would have happened if you hired an immigration law firm prior to your travels. Solving your legal matters can be a workload and a very stressful experience when not done correctly. There are four main reasons you should hire an immigration law firm. The first reason being that with a law firm your application process will be much more fast and efficient, we provide you follow ups to see where your application stands, we have a more objective view in regards to your circumstance, we also have access to all of the required documents (depending on your matter) whatever it may be, we are experienced in all areas f immigration and can help you with your matter.  Last but definitely not least, you should hire a law firm because of the expert advice you will be receiving from the staff who have the credentials and experience to aid you with your case.

Hiring a Law firm is very beneficial to your application process because we have knowledge and experience on immigration. At Akrami & Associates we have dealt with more than hundreds of cases and are more than willing to solve your case successfully as well. When hiring a law firm, your application process will be much more faster and more efficient because we will inform you of all the documents we require from you and all you have to do on your part, is to get them in to us on time. Follow ups are scheduled appointments to discuss the state o your application and what your next steps should be. Follow ups are very beneficial to you, as the client because you are constantly getting feedback on the state of your application/case. As the client, you are bias towards your situation and may be ignorant to some aspects of your situation. As a lawyer we are obligated to inform you of faults in your application you may have not noticed yourself. Essentially, when you hire a law firm it is like hiring a coach, we will coach you until you have a perfect application and tell you things you could improve in order to be successful.

If you are thinking of hiring a law firm but have some general questions, call Akrami & Associates today and book your consultation! Many people complete unsuccessful applications which, in the end, results in returned applications and wasted money (application processing fee). You can not go wrong with hiring an immigration law firm, in fact, we will not only help you increase your application success rate by giving you pointers and leading you in the correct, legal direction but we will also train you for possible questions that the immigration/border officer may ask you.

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