Do I Qualify for a Work Permit?

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How to Qualify for a Work Permit

Work permit is a legal document issued to the applicant who wishes to work in Canada temporarily. The process is time consuming and lengthy and there are some requirements that the applicant should fulfill.

Eligibility Rules for Applicants Applying From Within Canada:

A person staying in Canada can apply for a work permit to work in Canada only if they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. If the applicant has a valid Study Permit or a work permit.
  2. If the applicant is a post graduate at an eligible Canadian university or educational institution that is publicly funded who wants to work for 2 or 3 years in a job related to his study. These applicants should submit the application within 90 days after getting their final marks and they should have a valid Study Permit while applying.
  3. If the applicant has a temporary Canadian residency permit that is valid for 6 or more months
  4. If the applicant is in Canada because he applied for the permanent residency visa from Canada
  5. If the applicant is currently working in Canada and applying for a secondary employment

The Documents That Are Needed to Apply For Work Permit From inside Canada:

  1. Job offer letter or the work contract from your Canadian Employer
  2. Proof that you meets all the requirements for the position being offered
  3. CAQ copy if the applicant wants to work in Quebec
  4. Positive Labour Market Opinion if applicable
  5. Documents to satisfy the officer that your intend is temporary and that you intend to exit at the end of your employment contract
  6. Copy of passport data page
  7. Copy of your current valid work permit
  8. Applicable forms and government fees

The above is the basic documents needed. We understand that each job offer is unique. For this reason please contact our office so we can ensure that you qualify for a work permit while in Canada. We are here to help!

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