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Want to work in Canada? Like to know which occupations are exempt from obtaining a Work Permit in Canada? If so, watch our video and find out if you are exempt from obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Canada Work Permit Exemptions

Did you know that not all occupations require a Work Permit? Obtaining a Work Permit can be a stressful and tedious task. So before doing so, it would be wise to make sure you even need one. One of the most common professions that do not require a Work Permit includes Business Visitors, who are exempt under the regulation 186. There are also four other kinds of representatives: military personnel, foreign government officials, performing artists, and athletes. The list goes on for occupations such as public speakers, etc.; however, the three main ones are Business Visitors, on campus employments, and athletes.

The Business Visitor is an individual that comes into Canada that attends meetings, conferences, seminars, and takes that information back into the foreign company. A Business Visitor does not enter the labor market of Canada and that distinguishes whether the candidate or applicant needs a Work Permit or not. If the candidate enters the labour market, then they will require an actual Work Permit. If the candidate is only attending conferences, meetings, and so forth, then they would be exempt from needing a Work Permit. As a Business Visitor, you do have an obligation to prove to the immigration officer at the border that you are a legitimate Business Visitor. This means you would need to include confirmations about the meeting that will take place or the conference that you will be attending in Canada, as well as documentation that will prove that you will exit.

On campus employment is also exempt from needing a Work Permit, because if you have Study Permit you are authorized to work on campus for about 21 hours. This is understandably because as a student, you will most likely need to make some extra money to cover your expenses. Therefore, if you are working on campus, you would not need to apply for a work permit and instead your Study Permit will suffice. During the holiday seasons, however, you will be able to work full time.

Finally, athletes and team members are exempt from needing a Work Permit. However, you will need to prove to the immigration officer that you are really a professional athlete or artist. If you are someone that does random concerts in Canada, then the officer may not recognize you as exempt.

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