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Our commitment and our motto are essentially summed up in the statement, “There is always a way.”

We are firm believers in this statement because we are dedicated to the overall success of your immigration matter. This means that we will never refuse a client and will never give up on an immigration matter. Canada offers one of the most extensive and comprehensive immigration systems in the world, there are over 60 ways you may come to Canada.

Some routes are more indirect than others but there’s always a way for you to achieve your goals. For those clients who do not have an immediate way of coming to Canada, we can prepare an Immigration Analysis so that they may be eligible in the future.

For example, if your goal is permanent residence in Canada but you do not meet the requirements for applications of this type - that does not mean you will never be able to obtain this status. Consider a temporary approach first. Perhaps try finding a job in Canada and obtaining a temporary work permit first. Depending on the nature of your work after a year, you may qualify for permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class application.

This is just one example of how you can choose a more indirect route to still achieving your goals in Canada.

Akrami & Associates takes pride in finding solutions to complex immigration matters and will work diligently to help you strategize as to how you may achieve your goals.

Our team of highly skilled immigration professionals comprises of lawyers, immigration consultants, paralegals and legal assistants. Our team will direct you to the resources and tools that you will need to help you meet the requirements of various applications and take the necessary steps toward achieving your overall goals.

We are committed to all our clients in every way and we will do our best to help you make your dreams in Canada a reality.

5 Things You Should Expect From Us

Akrami & Associates considers these as the top 5 necessities of our firm:

1. Kind and Courteous Service – Our team is dedicated to work for you and always maintain a pleasant and professional working disposition regardless of the stress you might be experiencing.

2. Knowledgeable – We have a clear and accurate knowledge base of all immigration matters that we will be assisting you with.

3. Efficient –We are time commitment. It is our commitment to respond to your queries within a reasonable timeframe. This usually means same day or the next business day.

4. Confident – Our confidence lies in our ability to assist you based on our combined years of experience.

5. Determined – When the going gets tough you’ll need a representative who is determined to the overall success of your matter and to getting the job done with the highest possible chance of success.

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