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Akhbar A.

I am extremely grateful to Akrami & Associates for not only making such a thorough guide but for making it accessible to all. Where I come from, coming to Canada is nothing but a dream, but they have helped me make it a reality. After I purchased my kit online, they even helped me with a few other uncertainties I had. I am in Canada now thanks to them.

Mitul C.

I wanted to be able to visit my son who is studying in Canada and needed to get my visitors visa. I applied on my own twice before and was very unsuccessful. I was sceptical to buy this kit online but my initial feelings were incorrect. This kit helped me see not only where I went wrong the first time but also on things I could do to improve my case. I was not surprised to receive my visa shortly after submitting my application.

Aldegund S.

I met my future wife while on a trip back home and knew I wanted to be with her. The problem was that I lived in Canada and she lived 6000 km away. When I looked at the long list of documents and requirements for me to sponsor her, I also knew I was going to need help. I was not surprised that hiring a lawyer was going to be expensive and I just didn’t have the kind of money to spend on legal fees not to mention the application fees too. Then I came across these kits and was simply amazed. That long list of documents didn’t seem so long when you have an understanding of what you are doing. I especially like how they itemized what was expected of me specifically and what I needed to get from my wife. They made the application a breeze.

Xiaoling Y.

I have been working in Canada for the past two years and had no idea I qualified for the Canadian Experience Class until I read about it on the Akrami & Associates website. From the site, I bought my kit. I had no concept of a NOC code but they made it very clear to me. Now I was able to get my Permanent resident Card thanks to them.

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