British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or BC PNP

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) fast tracks the permanent residence application process for skilled workers and experienced business persons in an effort to attract them to the province. The British Columbia program boasts that under this stream, applicants can gain permanent residence faster than applying through other federal immigration streams.

BC PNP 2 Different Streams

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The BC PNP is divided into two main categories: Strategic Occupations and Business Immigration.  Most of our clients apply under the Strategic Occupation route which is outlined below.

BC PNP Strategic Occupations

BC PNP Strategic Occupations

This component of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program helps recruit or retain qualified foreign workers to fill current or prospective labour gaps. Applicants under this program must have a valid, permanent job offer from an employer in British Columbia or have completed a masters or doctorate degree at a BC post-secondary institution in either the natural, applied or health sciences. Those that require a job offer, you and your prospective employer must submit a joint application and will be assessed on five major areas of focus:

  • Skilled workers
  • Recent international graduates from Canadian post secondary institutions
  • Recent masters or doctorate graduates form a B.C. post secondary institution in the natural, applied or health sciences (no job offer is required for this category)
  • Designated health professionals
  • Entry-level or semi-skilled workers in select occupations

BC PNP Entry Level, Semi-Skilled Worker Category

BC PNP Entry Level, Semi-Skilled Worker Categor

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programs considers all possible applicants and recognizes those who have already obtained valuable work experience in British Columbia. The Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker category of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee program takes into account those who are just starting out in British Columbia and who want to remain in a province they have become accustomed to.

BC PNP Eligible Work Experience

  • You must currently be employed and you must have been employed full-time by your employer in British Columbia in an eligible occupation for at least nine consecutive months before applying to the BC PNP. Eligible occupations are divided into three categories:
    • Tourism and hospitality
    • Long-haul trucking
    • Food processing
    • All jobs in Skill Level C or D in the National Occupational Classification (except Live-In Caregivers), if you are working in the Northeast Development Region.
  • You must maintain full-time employment with your employer in B.C. throughout both PNP and permanent residence application processes
  • Work experience that is part of a program of study (such as co-op) or obtained using an Off-Campus Work Permit does not qualify

BC PNP Financial Support

BC PNP Financial Support

You must demonstrate that you have the ability to pay for your housing and living expenses in British Columbia. You will be assessed based on:

  • income and employment prospects,
  • location of residence in British Columbia,
  • number of dependants, and
  • English language ability.

BC PNP Preclusions

The Provincial Nominee Program will not nominate you if:

  • you are prohibited from entering Canada,
  • you have not been lawfully admitted in the country where you currently reside,
  • you are in Canada illegally,
  • you have an unresolved refugee claim in Canada, or
  • you are under a removal order in Canada.

We Can Help You With Your BC PNP Application!

BC PNP Application

We have dealt with hundreds of BC PNP application cases. We have helped our clients in their difficult situations and have guided them to draft a more effective application. We can help you draft your application and arrange the required documents. A well-planned and complete application will increase your likelihood of acceptance and will save your from hassle.

If you are worried about the legal fees, don't be! Our goal is to help everyone that is interested in immigrating to Canada. Contact us and we can provide numerous options for you. You can also purchase our very affordable Do it Yourself Immigration Kit which details everything for you. If you are still not sure, feel free to get back to us. We will review your case before you submit it to give you the best possible outcome.

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