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If you are travelling to Canada for business there are certain requirement you need to meet as a Business Visitor. The immigration officer looks for important supporting documents that shows the applicant is Bona Fide Business Visitor. Watch our video below that discusses 8 important documents  that the immigration officer will be looking for when applying for a Business Visitor Visa Application.

Business Visitor Requirements

If you are a Business Visitor to Canada there are basic qualifications and requirements you need to meet as Business Visitor. One of these requirements include not entering the Canadian Labour Market as the Business Visitor which means the immigration officer looks for supporting documents that the applicants main source of income comes from outside of Canada. If the foreign applicant gets paid by the Canadian employer then he/she does not meet the definition of a Business Visitor and therefore has to apply for a Work Permit.

The immigration officers also ensure that the applicant does not have a criminal record such as a DUI, Felony, Misdemeanor, Health issues that can date back all the way 40 years ago. If the applicant has an inadmissibility issue to Canada he/she may be eligible to apply for Temporary  Resident Permit (TRP) or Criminal Rehabilitation depending what their offense was and when it was completed. Please see TRP and Criminal Rehabilitation videos.

There are important documents that the immigration officer looks for to determine if you are Bona Fide Business Visitor. These documents include having a Business Invitation Letter from the Canadian company that explains your purpose of travelling to Canada and the activities you will perform from start to finish. A letter from the foreign company that attests that the Business Visitor is employed full time by the foreign company and that the applicants’ sole purpose is to conduct business and not enter the Canadian Labour Market. If the applicant is conducting training on a particular product they need to indicate their experience on their resume and include a copy of the After Sales Agreement. Also including documents that demonstrate you will exit Canada once your visa expires is very important, because the immigration officer wants to make sure you will not stay longer than your welcome stay. Documents to provide you will exit Canada can be done through showing ties to home country such as property, family, assets, bank statements etc.

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