Business Visitor Visa

What is Business Visitor Visa

A business visitor is for you if you are looking to come to Canada to take on the activities pertaining to your international business. As the owner of the business visitor visa you can:

  • Be present at business meetings or conferences
  • Buy goods for your foreign company
  • Deal with after-sale agreements
  • And attend sales and product training (must be conducted by the Canadian company or a distributor)

You will need a temporary resident permit before you can apply for a business visitor visa. Once obtained, you can apply directly at a port of entry.

Here are some of the documents that you will need to provide:

  • Your identification (i.e. passport, or citizenship card)
  • Provide the officer with the itinerary for what you will be doing from start to beginning once you come to Canada
  • A document that verifies you are not coming to Canada to look for employment
  • That you intend to leave Canada once your trip is over
  • Letter of invitation from the Canadian organization to you (very necessary)
  • Your temporary resident visa
  • Have enough money to stay and take care of yourself
  • The profits that are made go back to your own country

If the officer reviewing your application at the border deems that the business you plan to conduct requires the Labour Market Opinion or Impact Assessment and the work permit, your application will be denied.

There are two main requirements to qualify for the business visa:

  • Your source of income must be outside of Canada
  • To not have a criminal record or health problems

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