Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Can I apply under Federal Skilled Work Program?

Want to know if you qualify for the federal skilled worker program? Here are a few things you need to know before you can apply under this program.

What is a Federal Skilled Worker Program?

If you want to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, remember that you will be assessed based on your ability to become economically established once you are in Canada. Individuals who are interested in applying under the federal skilled worker program have to create an online Express Entry Profile as a first step.

How to prove eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Because applications for the Federal Skilled Worker Program are for permanent resident as well, they are essentially a bit more difficult to do than the simple Work Permit applications which are temporary. There are many things you need to have in order to be deemed eligible to apply for this and some of the criteria are:

  • Have one year of experience in a full-time position in the past 10 years
  • Qualify for a labour market impact assessment through arranged employment in Canada
  • Be able to speak either English or French

Individuals applying for this category must be able to prove to Canadian immigration that they have at least one year of full-time paid experience or an equivalent paid experience in the last 10 years which would qualify them under National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill level 0, A or B. This has to be from eligible occupations set out by Canadian authorities and if they are not able to do this then they must qualify for arranged employment in Canada and apply for a labour market assessment impact. This means that the employer who applies for an LMIA for them must be able to offer a full-time position in Canada as well. The ability to speak either French or English is a mandatory requirement to immigrate to Canada through this program.

Moreover all applicants must be able to attain at least 67 out of 100 points based on certain selection factors. Applicants are evaluated and given points based on these criteria:

  • Education- the higher the education the higher points you score
  • Language- it’s very important to demonstrate that you can speak either English or French and there are certified ways of doing so
  • Work experience- Must have one year of work experience in the last 10 years or
  • Arranged employment- for this you will need a labour market impact assessment
  • Adaptability- you have to prove that you can adapt to Canadian living, this could be shown by your financial standing
  • Age- might score you up to 12 points depending on your age

If all of this applies to you and you can prove this with documentation then you might be eligible to apply to come to Canada under the federal skilled worker. One of the most important and essential aspects to keep in mind after this point is to be financially stable to move to Canada. The immigration officer in charge of your application will assess your eligibility based on how much funds you can bring to Canada with you so that you can settle in with your family (if applicable) comfortably. The last Canadian government wants is new immigrants having financial troubles and having to rely on government funds. Canadian immigration will request for medical and security clearances depending on individual cases.

Which Occupations have the Highest Probability of Approval under Federal Skilled Worker Program?

There are 25 occupations in Canada that are qualified under this program. Meaning if you experience and credentials to support your employment in these occupations then you might be eligible. The probability is based on individual cases and how strong you can make your case. Some of the occupations are:

  • Engineers
  • Financial analysts
  • Computer engineers – there are some exemptions here
  • Persons in the medical field
  • Audiologists and speech-language pathologists

Remember, there is a cap on how many applications can be accepted for each occupation so it is highly recommended that you consult an immigration specialist before applying for such a limited program. It’s best to not take any risks and submit a complete and strong application the first time around or your application may be returned or refused.

Can I calculate my points before applying?

You can calculate your points but it is recommended not to as you may not get the same answer as immigration professionals. It is a complicated process and affected by many factors taken into consideration. The government knows that the points system may not reflect every applicants strength and weakness and therefore they have authorized citizenship and immigration Canada officers to use an alternative method called the substituted evaluation. So this is why it’s always best to consult a professional who has ample experience and knowledge of Canadian immigration who can assist you in determining eligibility and all other requirements.

Keep in mind, you may not score enough points to qualify for this program, however, sometimes officers might have the opinion that you are still eligible for immigration. And this could work vice versa as well where you do score perfect points but may still face refusal. All of this depends on how strong your case is. Canada accepts thousands of individuals under this program each year; however this is a multi-layered process and a complicated one at that. Remember the requirements set out here are the bare minimum and a proper assessment of your situation has to be conducted to inform you of requirements best suited for you.

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