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Are wondering if you qualify for Canadian citizenship? Not sure if you meet the qualification criteria or how you can meet it? If so, watch our video on you can meet the eligibility criteria to obtain your Canadian citizenship.

Canadian Citizenship

To apply for Canadian Citizenship one of the main requirements is meeting the Residency Requirements. The old requirements were being physically present in Canada as Permanent Resident 1,095 days during the four years immediately before the date of your application. Meaning you had to show three out of the four years you were physically present in Canada. The new requirement now is being physically present in Canada as a permanent resident for at least 1,460 days during the six years immediately before the date of your application. Meaning for each of the four years you have to be physically present in Canada for 183 days. These requirements do not apply to children under the age of 18.

Many times clients lose track of their days in Canada because of the travels they have made, so when submitting your application and you forget to mention your exit dates to the immigration officer this can constitute possible misrepresentation or delay your application.

If you are unsure of your exit dates you can ask the immigration officer of your exit dates prior to submitting your application for Citizenship. So once you get the notes make sure you meet the residency requirements prior to applying. So if you submit your application and the immigration officer is not satisfied with your residency requirement then he/she sends you a questionnaire for the applicant to fill out. This questionnaire is very lengthy and it focuses on the residency requirements. So you can ask the officer on their notes and compare what you have so you can inform them if there are any errors on their end. Once you have completed your application you can write a submission letter informing the officer that you have completed the application to best of your knowledge so that the officer does not think you are misrepresenting yourself.

Akrami & Associates has submitted many successful Citizenship applications and we help you too. Residency is one of the requirements there are many other requirements therefore it is recommended to consult with an immigration expert prior to starting your application.

With Akrami & Associates there is always a way!!

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