Canadian Immigration Citizenship Test and Questions Video

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Are you applying for Canadian Citizenship test and nervous about the process? Watch our video and find out what type of questions you can expect when taking the Canadian  Citizenship Test.

Canadian Immigration Citizenship Test and Questions

Are you feeling nervous and confused about your upcoming citizenship test? Before taking any test, being prepared and knowing what to expect can greatly boost your confidence. The first step to success is knowing what material to prepare with. When you receive your scheduled test date from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), they will also provide you with a study guide entitled “Discover Canada: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship”. This study guide provides you with all the material you may need to know for the test, and discusses important aspects of present-day Canadian life as well as the history of Canada. In general, reading through that guide once or twice such that you grasp the general concepts of it should be sufficient preparation for the test. In the test, the types of questions they will be focusing on include: the rights/freedoms/responsibilities of Canadian citizens, aspects of Canadian democracy such as the voting system, Canadian political and military history (such as the political monarchy), branches of government, Canadian social and cultural history, Canadian symbols, and physical geography. Therefore, if you are scheduled for a verbal interview, reviewing the sections of the study guide that discuss these topics would be crucial for success. Topics for questions may include:

  • What colours are the flag?
  • What do the symbols in the flag represent?
  • At what age can you begin voting in Canada?
  • What are the branches of government?
  • What does the beaver represent?
  • Who does Canada border with?

As shown by these sample questions, it is clear that the emphasis is on basic knowledge of Canada. It is not necessary to thoroughly memorize everything in the study guide, but try to understand the bigger picture. Again, all information is in the study guide, so extensively reviewing that should allow you to be well-prepared for the test/interview. The test is usually composed of 20 multiple choice questions. In the event that you fail this test, you will receive a letter scheduling an interview with the judge. This interview is designed to ensure you speak English or French, as well as understand the basic responsibilities, freedoms and rights of Canada, political history, and so forth. The judge will go back to those type of questions, while possibly explaining them in a little bit more detail than the multiple choice did. Overall, this test is nothing to be afraid of, simply familiarize yourself with the study guide provided for you. If you have any questions or if you would like sample questions, give us a call and we would be more than happy to help you and provide that for you. All the best!

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