Canadian Immigration Citizenship Test Day Video

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Are you taking your Canadian citizenship test? Not sure what documents to bring with you? Not sure if you are prepared for the test? If so, watch our Canadian immigration citizenship test day video to find out what you need to bring and how you can come prepared to complete the Canadian citizenship test successfully.

Canadian Immigration Citizenship Test Day

Have you applied for your Canadian citizenship and received a letter from citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) that it is time to take your citizenship test? If so, going in prepared to take the citizenship test is very important, because many applicants tend to forget to bring along important documents requested by CIC. Some of the documents include bringing along original documents that was submitting with your application. Other documents include identity documents such as passports, travel documents that you may have used in the last four years. Bringing in your passport eliminates any discrepancies you may possibly face. For example the officer may refuse you to take the citizenship test for not meeting residency requirements. Bringing your passport itself will demonstrate whether or not you meet the residency requirements as it shows your exit and entry into Canada. Also, it is very important to bring with you the confirmation letter received from CIC that states your test day and location to avoid any problems that may prevent you from taking the test. For example, there have been situations in which applicants names have not been on the list and were sent back home. Therefore, bringing in the letter and any other important documents requested by CIC is very important to avoid delays. The citizenship tests are usually done through taking a written exam unless you have trouble with reading or writing then an oral interview will be set with an immigration officer. For those who are ready to write that test don’t be nervous, if you have any questions about it give us a call, we are here to help. Good luck on your test!!

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