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Canadian experience class is the category through which you can get permanent residence in Canada. If you are working or worked or at least studied in Canada in past then you might be eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada under the Canadian experience class category or stream. The experience you have in Canada is what gives you the qualification to earn permanent residence under the Canadian experience class.

With all the advantages and benefits you get from the Canadian experience class, you can also experience some difficult aspects which have to be addressed properly in order so that you can have a successful case at the end of the day. All the necessary applications, forms and documents and procedures should be handled well from the start to increase your chances.

Things you need for the Canadian experience class application:

The CEC is aimed to help all temporary skilled workers who have acquired their skills in Canada to use their skills in management, professionalism and technology towards their applications for permanent Canadian residency. The time a person spent in Canada working or studying will earn you the eligibility and priority for permanent Canadian visa. In other words, the Canadian experience class will convert the temporary residence into permanent residence so long as you fall under one of the following categories:

1. You are a student with at least 2 years of secondary education in Canada and 1 full year work experience under specified jobs and categories.

2. Temporary workers in Canada with a min of 1 year of work experience within last 3 years

More info on the updates on Canadian experience class category:

The main objective behind the Canadian experience class category is to maximize the social, cultural and economic status of Canada by allowing skilled workers to stay in Canada with permanent residency. With Canadian experience class the Canada cultural and social fabric can be developed and can be made stronger and prosperous.

The changes made to the Canadian experience class category includes the updates on requirements and definition of family members, definition on work experience and changes to the process of application as well as updates to the pass or fail requirements.

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