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When inviting a family or friend to Canada its recommended to include a invitation letter to support a Visitor Visa application. Watch our video to learn what to include in such a letter. 

Invitation Letter

Traveling to Canada as visitor not sure what to include in an invitation letter? When writing an invitation letter the immigration officer reviewing the letter looks for specific requirements as to what should be included in the letter. There will be two aspects of the letter: the first will provide details on the person who is being invited to Canada, while the second will provide details on the person writing the invitation letter.

In the first section, you will need to include personal information details on the individual being invited to Canada. This includes their complete name, date of birth, address, and telephone number. You will also need to provide further details in regards to their visit to Canada. This includes your relationship to the person, the reason for their visit to Canada, how long the individual is planning to stay in Canada, where they plan to stay during their visit, how they will be paying for their visit (in terms of food, accommodation, etc.), and when the person plans to leave Canada.

In the second section, you (as the writer) will need to provide details about yourself. This involves personal details such as your complete name, date of birth, Canadian address, Canadian telephone number, and job title. You will also need to describe your status in Canada – whether you are a Permanent Resident or a Canadian citizen. You must prove your status by attaching a photocopy of a document stating your status in Canada, which could be:

  • A Canadian birth certificate
  • A Canadian citizenship card
  • Your PR card or IMM 100 proof of landing

The Invitation Letter can only be written by the person inviting you to Canada, so the reasoning you put in your application has to be related to the person who is writing the letter.

Writing the Invitation Letter does not mean that you will be held legally responsible for the visitor during his/her stay in Canada. However, you must remain truthful in everything you state in the letter. If you state that the individual will be staying at your home during their visit, then they must stay at your home. Also, including an invitation letter does guarantee your application being approved but it helps give the immigration officer a better picture of your intentions in Canada.

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