Visitor Visa Does Citizenship Change Outcome of Application Video

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Are you planning to invite a family or friend to Canada and wondering if your citizenship changes the outcome of your application? If so, watch our video and find out if your status in Canada plays a role in meeting the eligibility criteria to invite a loved one.

Visitor Visa Does Citizenship Change Outcome of Application

Interested in filing a Visitor Visa application? Confused whether your friends/family members citizenship plays a role in application being approved or refused? Many seem to think there is a correlation between citizenship and chances of your application being accepted. However, the citizenship does not affect the outcome of the application. Rather, everyone has an equal ability for their application to be reviewed.

The immigration officer assess your application based on the documents you have provided and will either refuse or approve it. That said, there are certain countries that have different requirements. For example, some countries will need additional documents to prove that they will exit Canada once their visa expires.

These extra requirements are in place due to previous history with immigrants that have over stayed their welcome stay in Canada and therefore immigration officers now prefer to scrutinize the country a bit further. As long as you follow the document check list and adequately answer your reasons for travel and home country ties, then your application is complete and will only be assessed based on those. The citizenship or your nationality is only a factor in determining medical inadmissibility, your criminal record, etc, but not the overall outcome of your application.

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