Denied Entry to Canada

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Refused Entry To Canada

If you are considered inadmissible to Canada, this means that you are precluded from entry into the country. This can be based on any one of a number of different reasons. For example, the most common reasons often include a previous criminality, medical condition or noncompliance of regulations associated to a previous entry into Canada.

Some people are not allowed to come to Canada. They are known as "inadmissible" under Canada's immigration law.

There are many reasons Canada may not let you, such as:

  • you are a security risk,
  • you have committed human or international rights violations,
  • you have been convicted of a crime, or you have committed an act outside Canada that would be a crime,
  • you have ties to organized crime,
  • you have a serious health problem,
  • you have a serious financial problem,
  • you lied in your application or in an interview,
  • you do not meet the conditions in Canada's immigration law, or
  • one of your family members is not allowed into Canada.

Temporary Resident Permit

There are many reasons why someone could be considered inadmissible into Canada and therefore not permitted to enter. T hose who face this situation may still enter Canada temporarily by first obtaining a Temporary Resident Permit. This Permit overcomes inadmissibility and allows temporary access to Canada.

Criminal Rehabilitation

While a Temporary Resident Permit may help you overcome a criminal inadmissibly for a finite amount of time, Criminal Rehabilitation overcomes this criminal inadmissibility permanently. This means that, if successfully obtained, a Criminal Rehabilitation will ensure that you are never again considered inadmissible for your previous convictions. Qualifying for this is based on the severity of the offense(s) and the lapse of time from the most recent offense.

Record Suspensions

A record suspension (formerly a pardon) allows people who were convicted of a criminal offence, but have completed their sentence and demonstrated they are law-abiding citizens for a prescribed number of years, to have their criminal record kept separate and apart from other criminal records. Therefore, if you have received a pardon for a previous offense, you are not considered inadmissible to Canada as a result of that offense.

Authorization to Return to Canada

If you have been the subject of a removal order from Canada you will not be able to enter Canada for a period of time without first obtaining prior authorization. This is aptly named an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC). You will need this to return to Canada prior to the necessary amount of time passing since and depending on your removal.

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