Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System

Applying for PR through Express Entry Route

If you’re reading this post you probably have already applied to come to Canada through the Express Entry System. The Express Entry program helps connect individuals who want to come to Canada for permanent residency options through one of the economic programs. These programs include the Federal Skilled Trades Program, The Federal Skilled Worker Program and The Canadian Experience Class. These programs are created to help grow the Canadian economy through foreign skilled workers.

So if you like to obtain permanent residency in Canada through one of these programs you need to create an Express Entry Profile. Once you have created your Express Entry profile, you are entered into a pool of candidates and ranked amongst your peers that want to immigrate to Canada. Depending on how you score you may potentially get an invitation to apply, if you don’t get the invitation to apply you are able to remain in the pool for a period of 12 months. If you do not get an invitation during that period than unfortunately you would have to reapply and try to increase your points to get an invitation.

Express Entry Goal

Something that is important to note is that the whole goal of express entry is to create strong ties between immigration, the labour market, and the economy in Canada. So if an applicant already has a job offer in Canada they will be getting higher ranking then someone who does not have an offer. If you are an employer and you want your employees to immigrate to Canada, you must make sure that the job you are offering is supported and accepted by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

From the candidate’s profile, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a point system that will rank them in the Express Entry Pool. Some of the things that are assessed are: skills, work experience, education, language ability, and other factors. Judging candidates on these factors is important because if someone is immigrating to Canada through these programs- to work- the government needs to make sure that all candidates are going to help with Canada’s economic success once they are here. If a candidate has a job offer already in Canada or if they are nominated by a province or territory through a Provincial Nominee Program they will have the chance to receive even more points. The highest ranking candidates from the pool will be get an invitation to apply and have 60 days to respond and provide all the supporting documents requested by Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC). So ensure you are truthful when applying because once you get the invitation you would have to provide proof for everything you claimed. For example, if you said you got your masters you would have to provide proof of your credentials.

Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System Formula

The score for Express Entry candidates is out of 1,200, this is a cumulative mark that has come from four parts the first one being skills and experience factors; this is important because if there is a certain field in the job market that needs candidates with only a few types of skills then they will be looking for those who score high in this category. You can also score points if you have spouse or common-law partner,the spouse or common law factors the partners can score points for their language skills and education. It is important to the government of Canada that the candidate and their partner are able to contribute to the Canadian economy and will not rely on social assistance once they arrive in Canada. Third part is skills transferability; this would include your work experience and education, so immigration Canada looks at what you have to offer, your chances of being employed in Canada and how much you would earn based on your education and work experience. Finally the fourth category is just for additional points, so for those who are nominated by a province or territory or if the applicant has a job offer in Canada they can get points for nomination and having a valid job offer from an employer in Canada.

Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System Formula for Single Candidates:

 Point Category

Maximum Points
 Skills and Experience 500
 Spouse or Common-Law N/A
 Skill Transferability 100
 Additional Points 600
 Total Points: 1,200

Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System Formula for Candidates who are in Common-law relationships, or are married that will have this person coming with them to Canada:

 Point Category

Maximum Points
 Skills and Experience 460
 Spouse or Common-Law 40
 Skill Transferability 100
 Additional Points 600
 Total Points: 1,200

Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System Formula for Skills and Experience: Core/ Human Capital Factors

In this subcategory, there are different ways you are able to earn points as you know if you are single you are able to get a total of 500 points. When it comes to your age you can get max 110 points, your level of education max 150, official languages proficiency 160, and Canadian work experience max 80.

If your spouse/ common-law partner will be coming to Canada with you, then there are the same subcategories but the points are rewarded a little differently. If you are applying with your partner there is a category that they are able to obtain points for you, so you in the first category are only able to obtain a max of 460 points, and the other 40 comes from them. When it comes to your age you are able to get a maximum of 100 points, your level of education is worth 140 points, official languages proficiency is 150 points, and your Canadian work experience is also a little less than those who are single with being able to obtain a maximum of 70 points for your profile.

Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System Formula for Spouse or Common Law Factors

As mentioned above, this category applies to those who are married, or are in a common-law relationship and are having/ want their spouse to immigrate to Canada as well. The maximum points that are able to be obtained are 40. You are scored for your level of education (maximum 10 points), language proficiency (maximum 20) and Canadian Work Experience (maximum 10). If your partner scores perfect on all of these you will have a perfect score in the category for spouse/common-law.

Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System Formula for Skill Transferability Factors

This is a little more challenging to explain when it comes to obtaining points, there are three sub-categories there is education, work experience, and certificate of qualification- now this portion applies to those who are a part of an area of trades. For Education you can get a maximum of 50 points that shows that you have good strong official Language Proficiency and that you have a Post- Secondary Degree or that you have Canadian Work Experience and that you have a post-secondary degree. When it comes to Foreign Work Experience you can get a maximum of 50 points for having good/strong official language proficiency- so this means you have to score on Canadian Language Benchmark level 7 or higher and that you have either foreign work or Canadian work experience. When it comes to the Certificate of Qualification, you are able to get a maximum of 50 points, if you get 50/50 it means you are good/strong with the official languages and you have a certificate of qualification. So to sum it up, depending on what part of the skill transferability subcategory you are able to get a score out of 50 that will determine your standing in the overall skills that you have to offer.

Express Entry Additional Points for Provincial Nominee Program

As previously mentioned you are able to receive a maximum 600 additional points if you are accepted into a Provincial Nominee Program. Also, if you have a current job offer in Canada and your specific job has been cleared by a LMIA then you are able to obtain 600 points.

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