Express Entry to Canada FAQ Questions and Answers

Express Entry to Canada 2015 FAQ:

Immigration Programs Covered Under Express Entry?

The Express Entry system will be covering the current Canadian economic immigration programs which are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class.

In order to comply with the local labour market requirements, all the provinces and territories will also be choosing candidates under Express Entry.

Will Express Entry Change Immigration Program Requirements?

Not really. the Express Entry will not change the current requirements of immigration programs. It is not a new program. It is only a modified way for CIC to handle the economic immigration online applications.

Is There A Cap On The Number Of Candidates Admitted Under Express Entry?

There is no limitation on the number of people that can enter and apply under the Express Entry. The applicants who have greater variety of skills and experience and fulfil the job requirements can be selected by employers from any province and territory. Express Entry bases the number of applicants invited to apply for permanent residence on the Annual Immigration Levels Plan. The Levels Plan still seeks the broad admission ranges for the immigration programs that are part of the Express Entry.

The Express Entry will enlist the applicants who have high-quality skills and experience for Canadian employers to pick from. Much like an inventory of applicants who can file the position because the employer was not able to fill the position with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. So, they can choose the candidates from there if they meet their needs.

Should the candidate have a job offer and have secured a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) under the Express Entry Route the applicant can gain extra points. This will increase the chances of securing an invitation by the government to apply for permanent residence.

Should the applicant be invited to continue his/her application for Permanent Residency, the government promises to have the PR application expedited and processed within 6 months. This fast process is beneficial to both employers and candidates. The aim of CIC is to process the application within six from the day they receive complete application for permanent residence.

What About Applications Filed Before the Launch Of The Express Entry?

All application received by Citizenship and Immigration Canada before the Express Entry system was launched will still be processed as regular.


How Will Provinces And Territories Use The Express Entry System?

In the Express Entry system, provinces and territories can nominate foreign nationals so long as the candidates comply with the basic immigration and labour market standards. By obtaining the nomination from a province or territory the candidates will receive significant extra points to be invited to apply for permanent residence for the eligible draw of candidates.

There are two corresponding step to get nominated for Express Entry:

  • The candidates either can enter the pool first and then obtain a nomination by a province or territory

  • Or the candidates can be nominated first by province or territory and then they can fill out an online Express Entry application.

The candidates have to meet the criteria of at least one of the federal immigration programs regardless of whether they are PNP applicants or not.

What Is The Process For Potential Candidates Who Want To Use Both A Provincial Nominee Program and Express Entry Route?

If the candidates want to use both Provincial Nominee Program and the Express Entry Route, then there are two ways:

  • The candidates can apply for PNP first; once he/she get nominated they can fill out and online Express Entry application; OR

  • The candidates can fill out online Express Entry application first. Once a candidate is in Express Entry pool then the province or territory can search for that candidate from the pool and ask him/her to apply for PNP. When the candidate obtains a nomination certificate, they will update their Express Entry profile.

How Will The Express Entry System Benefit Employers In Canada?

The main benefit of the Express Entry system is that it gives recruitment options for employers. If an employer cannot find a Canadian or permanent resident to fill the position then an employer can hire potential candidates.

Other benefits:

  • Qualified employers have direct role to look for appropriate economic immigrants

  • There is no LIMA fee for permanent residence applications

  • Job Bank will connect the qualified employers with the Express Entry Applicants.

  • Up to 80% of permanent residence applications will be processed within six months. So faster processing times

  • Should the Applicant have an approved Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA) or a nomination by a province or territory, he/she will score extra points. Making it more likely for the government to send the applicant an invitation to apply for PR.

Have Employers In Canada Already Been Consulted On Express Entry?

Yes, the employers in Canada have already been consulted on Express Entry by Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) Canada. CIC has held consultations with employers for the purpose of quick and flexible immigration system.

CIC obtain the information from provincial/territorial partners as well as ESDC and has held information sessions across the country to prepare employers for the Express Entry Route.

Qualified employers are recognized by National Associations and Provincial and Local Chambers of Commerce. The participants represent important industries and investors like Canadian Manufactures and Exporters (CME), Canadian federation of Independent Business (CFIB), and Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

How Will Employers In Canada Use The Express Entry System?

Firstly, Canadian employers must position. If the employer is not successful after many recruitment efforts, then the employer can choose any candidate from the Express Entry pool who meets their requirements.

There are two ways that employer can approach candidates:

  • The employer can find a candidate through his or her hiring practice and current recruiting process

  • In 2015 the employers can approach to candidate through Job Bank. The Job Bank will play an important role for which it will try to match the candidate from pool on the base of hi/her skills and experience, and knowledge with the qualified employer.

The candidates who have job offers in the Express Entry pool can obtains an invitation to apply because the job offer to Express Entry is supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA).

Invitation to apply does not provide any guarantee to candidates that candidates will get permanent residence. Eventhough candidates have ITA, they still have to meet certain eligibility and admissibility criteria’s under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).

Will There Be A List Of Eligible Occupations For Express Entry?

No. Express Entry system has no list of eligible occupation or occupation caps. However, for the eligibility of Express Entry pool, candidates have to have skilled work experience in a National Occupational Code (NOC) 0, A or B. The candidate’s job offer should be from the NOC and the job offer must be supported by a LIMA.

Will Employers in Canada Be Able To Access The Express Entry Pool Directly?

The employers in Canada can approach candidates through Job Bank. Job Bank works like a bridge between Canadian employers and skilled foreign nationals. The candidates of Express Entry have to register with Job Bank if they have no valid job offer or a provincial/territorial nomination. It is a great opportunity for candidates to find relevant jobs available with the Canadian employer.

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