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Want to apply through Express Entry Route? Not sure if you meet the employment requirement? If so, watch this video to find out what type of work experience you need to qualify under Express Entry Route and if job offer from an employer is necessary to apply for the Express Entry to Canada.

Express Entry Employment Requirement

Some of our most frequently asked questions is in regards to the employment requirement for Express Entry. Many ask “Is it mandatory to have work experience in Canada or a job offer from an employer in Canada?” as well as “Is full time employment experience of one year or full time experience necessary for the Express Entry application?” These two questions are vastly different, but there appears to be a great confusion between them that needs to be clarified. You are not required to have work experience in Canada or to have arranged employment in Canada, neither are you required to have an employer give you a job offer in Canada to have a successful Express Entry Application. While it does increase your chances under the Express Entry Route to be invited by the Canadian government to continue your application in Canada, it is not a mandatory requirement. This means you can have a successful Express Entry Application without having any Job Offer or Work Experience in Canada. However, this is different than needing full time work experience in your occupation. When applying, you will need full time work experience with a minimum of one-year experience in that category. Therefore, if you are an individual with no full time work experience such as a fresh school graduate, your application will not be successful. Though this one-year experience is the only requirement under the Express Entry record, there are other things you want to ensure you include when uploading your information to the discovery portal so that your application stands out and the government picks you out of the Express Entry Pool.

Your work experience can be any one of the following: it has to follow under 50 eligible occupations, it can be arranged employment, or if you have been working in Canada for one year in the last 3 years. Moreover, while having employment it is not mandatory, there is an avenue under the Canadian experience category or the immigration employment category that you can continue your application for Permanent Residency. If you do not have employment, you can continue under the Federal Skill eligible occupation. This can be a bit confusing, and a lot of people think Express Entry supersizes and eliminates the previous rights of immigrating to Canada. There is no simple answer to addressing that. Essentially, it used to be that the Economic Class had a Federal Skill eligible occupation, Federal Skill Trade, and so forth. Each of these were a part of the Economic Class, and you could apply under any of these rights. Now, the new Express Entry Route has come into place. Before you proceed with this route, you have to ensure that you upload your information on the portal to demonstrate that you either have work experience in Canada or have arrange employment in Canada with a secure Labour Market Impact Assessment, or you have to be part of the 50 eligible occupations. If any of these is true, then the government of Canada will invite you to continue under any of these categories in the second stage. Ultimately, it is a combination; the Express Entry Route will not eliminate the previous application but rather combine to form a friendly combination to decide if you are going to be successful for Permanent Residency. Hopefully, this clarifies the confusion regarding these two of our frequently asked questions.

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