Express Entry Filing Permanent Resident Application Video

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Want to apply through Express Entry Route for Permanent Residency in Canada? If so, watch our video on Express Entry filing for Permanent Residence application to learn what type of documents you need to include to submit a strong application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Express Entry Filing Permanent Resident Application

Are you considering filing your Permanent Residence Application under the Express Entry or the Economic category? It may be essential that you make a trip to Canada to ensure it is truly the country you want to reside in. If you have had the opportunity to visit Canada you can state this in your application that you enjoyed your time in Canada and see a future in here. To help you submit a successful Express Entry application of the requirements would be to demonstrate how you would establish yourself in Canada. Therefore, including your visit to Canada and explaining that you wish to settle in Canada (as in start a career, prosper, start a family, etc) will help make your application stronger. This is because the officers want to ensure that the PR card is protected, and thus want to ensure you have a serious intent to commit to Canada. Once you become a PR card holder, you will have access to a lot of freedoms, responsibilities and benefits. For example, our health coverage is highly sought out across the globe, as many countries do not have such benefit. With these benefits, the immigration officer wants to ensure that it is protected and not abused. In many situations, people who obtain the PR card abuse the various benefits and then, knowing they have 5 years to beat the residency obligation, come back very close to the expiration date of their PR card. Since Canada wants to avoid fraudulent activity of this nature, the officer will want to ensure your application is genuine.

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