Family Class Sponsorship Bars to Sponsorship

Sponsors and co-signers these conditions occur  
cannot sponsor if:    
They are permanent residents This includes stayed orders, departure orders, exclusion orders  
subject to a removal order and deportation orders.  
  Exception: People who were granted permanent residence  
  despite an unexecuted removal order.  
They are detained in any Sponsors being held in correctional or pre-trial holding facilities  
penitentiary, jail, reformatory or are unlikely to be able to support their relatives.  
prison Exception : Persons on parole, on probation or serving a  
  suspended sentence. Persons held in immigration detention  
  centres may be ineligible because of other bars. (For example,  
  charged with an offence).  
They are convicted of a sexual Sponsors or co-signers convicted of either of these offences  
offence under the Criminal where five years have not passed since the completion of the  
sentence imposed, cannot sponsor unless:  
Code [against anyone]; or  
• for convictions in Canada, they have been pardoned or  
an offence [against the person]  
under the Criminal Code finally acquitted;  
• for convictions outside Canada, they have shown, at least  
against a family member  
  five years after the expiry of the sentence, that they have  
  been rehabilitated, or there has been a final acquittal.  
  For the purposes of calculating the five-year period above, a  
  sentence includes probation, suspended sentences and  
  intermittent sentences. However, conditional discharges and  
  absolute discharges should not be considered for the purposes  
  of these provisions of IRPA.  
They are in default of spousal or Persons in default of a court-ordered or court-registered support  
child support payments ordered obligation to pay support are not eligible to sponsor. This  
by a court. This includes includes persons who are and who are not registered with the  
payments ordered by a court responsible federal, provincial or territorial authority as being in  
outside of Canada. default of family support obligations are not eligible to sponsor. A  
  person who is unable or unwilling to live up to current family-  
  related legal financial obligations is likely a poor risk for  
  honouring a future family related financial commitment.  
  Sponsors must demonstrate that they have resolved the matter  
  to the satisfaction of the responsible provincial or territorial  
  authorities before they can be eligible to sponsor.  
They are in default of a debt An immigration debt includes:  
owed under the Immigration • a transportation, adjustment assistance, admissibility or  
and Refugee Protection Act  
Right of Permanent Residence Fee (formerly ROLF) loan;  
  • a deposit or guarantee of performance of an obligation;  
  • costs incurred to remove a foreign national.  

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