How to Extend my Temporary Resident Visa

How can I Extend my Stay as a Temporary Resident in Canada?

If you wish to extend your stay as a temporary resident in Canada, you would need to check your temporary resident status to ensure you apply before the expiration date of Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) . The expiration date on your TRV is usually located on your passport as a stamp. If your passport does not have the stamp then the expiration would be 6 months from the day you entered Canada.

You need to apply 30 days in advance before your status expires to

  • extend your stay as visitor, student or worker
  • change your permit type for example changing work permit to study permit
  • change the conditions on your permit, for example you are currently studying and you want to change your school or you are working and want to change your employer

How can I extend my Stay as Temporary Resident Visa from Inside Canada?

Having temporary resident in Canada and your status had not expired as visitor, student or worker you able to apply for new Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to return to Canada before you leave.

You can apply for inside Canada only if:

  • you legally entered Canada
  • you have a valid study permit
  • you have a work permit
  • you have valid Canadian residential address
  • your current temporary status has not expired, and your current visa counterfoil is expired or was valid for single entry
  • you need new temporary resident visa to return to Canada in the future

Decide if you want to apply online or paper:


  • if you apply online you need to have access to a computer and scanner so that you can electronically upload your documents
  • valid credit to pay government fees
  • email (make sure to have valid email and check your email regularly)


  • download the application package
  • read the instructions carefully
  • complete and sign the form on your own even if you are travelling as part of a family
  • if you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian has to sign the form
  • pay government fee either online or through financial institution in Canada (non-refundable)- include receipt with your application. CPC-Ottawa does not accept any other type of payment including money orders, certified cheques or bank drafts.
  • Mail application to CPC-Ottawa

    If you have plans to visit Canada several times whether is for business or leisure ensure to apply for multiple entry visa. There is no guarantee that the visa will be issued to you, the immigration officer has to be satisfied that your stay is only for temporary purposes. Don’t forget to review your application and include all the required documents to avoid delays in your application.

Reasons your Application can be delayed

  • you submitted an incomplete application
  • you are requested to take a medical exam
  • you are requested to complete security background check
  • you have criminal record
  • you are requested to come for an interview
  • documents are missing

Can I remain in Canada if my application is in Processing?

  • You are legally allowed to remain in Canada if your status has expired as a student, worker or visitor. You can only stay if you applied to extend your stay before your status expires. If you applied before the expiration date then your status is known as implied status meaning you can remain in Canada until a decision is made on your application.

Can I continue Studying or Working if on Implied Status?

  • If your work permit or study permit expires before getting a decision on your application you are able to continue your work or study as long as all conditions on your permit is met and you remain inside Canada.

Can I travel Outside of Canada if I am on Implied Status?

  • As temporary resident with implied status you can travel outside of Canada and come back only if you come from visa-exempt country or if you have multiple-entry visa. Once you leave and decide to come back you cannot work or study until a decision is made your application. For persons that cannot work you must satisfy the immigration officer at the border that you are able to support yourself until a decision is made on your application. If you cannot show sufficient funds than the immigration officer has the right to refuse you entry.
  • If you come from non-visa exempt country and you exit Canada to solely visit United States or St. Pierre and Miquelon you are still considered TRV exempt. You can also apply for new or subsequent work permit at the port of entry (POE).
  • You can apply for new work permit or study permit at the port of entry (POE) as long you meet the requirements under the IRPR.

    Please note that should you decide to exit Canada while on implied status as the temporary resident have your documents ready for re-entry. Have copy of your application, government fee receipts etc. If you must continue to work or study, apply at the POE as long you meet requirements under IRPR.

Implied Status Extension

  • If your implied status extension is approved, the issue date is indicated on the document you have received
  • If your implied status extension is refused, the applicant is considered in status until the day the decision is made on their application.
  • If the implied status is rejected due to being incomplete, then the applicant is considered in status until the temporary resident document expires.

Second Application for Implied Status Extension

  • When submitting a second application for extension after the first application and the decision was positive on the first application then the new status applies.
  • When submitting a second application for extension after the first application and the decision was negative, and your original permit was still valid when the second application was received, then the applicant maintains their implied status until a decision is rendered on the second application, and the applicant is out of status as of the date of refusal on the second application.
  • If your original permit was expired and you submit a second application for extension because your first extension was refused then as the applicant you do not have implied status and are considered out of status. Since your original permit was expired, you must apply for restoration. Make sure to include fees for restoration or else your application will be returned as incomplete.
  • If your second application is refused because it was incomplete then your application is considered to have never been received, therefore implied status is not granted. The applicant will be in status until the original temporary resident document expires.

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