How to Sponsor wife into Canada

What is Spousal Sponsorship?

Spousal Sponsorship is the immigration process in which a permanent resident or Canadian citizen can sponsor their spouse to Canada for permanent residency options. This is a very helpful immigration program, as it allows those who do not otherwise qualify for immigration into Canada reunite with their families. Due to its many benefits this programs offers many families to apply to reunite with their loved ones. In fact so many families apply that immigration Canada does not get to process all applications on time. Luckily, recent changes were made to Family Class Sponsorship to help decrease processing times and reunite families faster. Most applications are delayed because the applicants provide incomplete documentation, submitted outdated forms, did not pay government fees, submitted to wrong address and many other reasons. To avoid delays in your application it is recommended to go with a law firm that has experience in submitting these types of applications such Akrami & Associates. When hiring legal representation your case would be monitored from beginning to finish to ensure everything is accurate and complete prior to submission.

What is needed when applying for spousal sponsorship?

When applying for spousal sponsorship application you need to be either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. As the sponsor you will need to:

  • Get the 75 Page Guide which explains who can sponsor, your responsibilities as the sponsor, eligibility you need to meet to sponsor someone, who you can sponsor etc.
  • Print out the personalized documents checklist this explains what exactly you need to submit a spousal/common/conjugal sponsorship
  • Print out all the forms mentioned on the document checklist
  • fill out the simplified relationship questionnaire
  • get your police clearance
  • get your medicals exams done

What Changes have been made to the Spousal Sponsorship Application?

  • Inland and Overseas application papers have been combined as one application package which allows applicants to apply together instead of applying separately
  • A new basic guide has been created that helps applicants understand the process by giving step by step instruction on how to apply
  • The document checklist has been personalized and now applicants can choose from 1/4 checklists to learn exactly which forms are need to be filled out and which ones do not
  • The relationship questionnaire has been simplified with less questions as well as less challenging questions as to make the questionnaire easier to understand
  • Applicants no longer need to fill out a medical exam up front instead they are given 30 days to complete the exam after it is sent to them allowing the applicant with more time to complete the process
  • Applicants need to provide police certificates from the country they are currently living in and the country in which they have spent most of their adult life
  • The CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada, allows applicants to access their immigration status in real time online

How have the Changes made to Spousal Sponsorship affected the Application Process?

Previous to the changes made late last year, sponsoring a spouse to Canada was quite complicated. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), simplified and personalized the process to make easier and more accessible for immigrants to access. Previous to the changes, inland and overseas applications had been compiled into two separate applications while now they are combined as one. What this means it is one application package for all sponsorship applicants that use the same application package and checklist. The goal of the changes is to reduce processing times and make it as easy as possible to understand and follow instructions online. With the changes made to the application process, the wait times for inland individuals looking to be sponsored by their spouse have dropped from 26 months to only 12, and for overseas individuals looking to be sponsored by their spouse, wait times have dropped from 18 months to 12 months as well.

Although the reduction in wait times is incredible and a huge benefit to couples looking to apply for spousal sponsorship, a year is still a very long time to see if ones spouse has been accepted into the country or not. Therefore it is very important to submit a strong and complete application to avoid delays or possible refusal for missing a deadline. Seeking legal advice is highly recommended so that you can the best possible outcome with your application. At Akrami & Associates we get many calls in which spousal applications have been refused and mostly due to not including sufficient supporting documentation or filling out the forms incorrectly. Do not attempt PR applications on your own as it can potentially harm your application and never being able to sponsor your loved ones again.

Were you yourself sponsored a few years ago?

If you got sponsored by Canadian citizen or permanent resident but your relationship did not work out and ended up getting divorced and now you the sponsored person are wondering if you can sponsor your new spouse. Well if you wish to sponsor your new spouse you can legally do so, however as of the new regulations a minimum of five years is needed from when one receives permanent residency themselves to the time in which they wish to sponsor their spouse. This is something that must be kept in mind when attempting to apply for a spousal sponsorship. So ensure you meet all the requirements prior to filing an application. This can be done so by calling an immigration expert such as Akrami & Associates to determine your eligibility to sponsor. Last thing you want wasting your time and money and your application getting refused because you do not meet requirements.

Are you an Established Resident of Canada to Sponsor your Spouse?

The sole responsibility of the sponsor as well as the applicant is to not become financially dependent on the government or private organizations. The way in which the government of Canada eliminates this problem is by allocating all the responsibilities of the applicant to the sponsor. This saves the government possibly millions of dollars every year by reducing the financial dependency of immigrants on the government Canada to the sponsor. So when you decide to sponsor a loved one to Canada as the sponsor you need to be financially stable enough to prove that you are able to support your spouse and those dependent on them. It is vital to consider that without the necessary proof stating that one is financially capable of supporting the spouse and dependent children the application can be potentially refused. Even if one is financially stable currently but previously went through a bankruptcy or defaulted on past loans their sponsorship could still be potentially denied without the right documentation to state that ones financial situation has in fact changed and they are not in the same financial situation they once were.

Have you sponsored a relative before?

When applying for a spousal sponsorship ones track record is very important to the government of Canada. This is because if you have attempted to support an immigrant in the past and failed, then the Canadian government does not want you to make the same mistake twice. However if you can prove to the Canadian government that your financial situation is different from what it was when you failed to support the immigrant in the past then one is still able to become a sponsor.

How Akrami & Associates can help

Here at Akrami and Associates we have assisted hundreds of clients to surpass their inadmissibility issues and immigrate into Canada for either temporary or permanent basis. We have assisted clients in drafting their applications as well as arranging the correct documentation in order for one to seamlessly and effortlessly immigrate to Canada. Although many changes have been made to the spousal application process in order to reduce wait times and allow immigrants to be sponsored it is still recommended that one would hire an immigration expert to assist you in this process. To avoid small errors and even missing documentation that could potentially affect your chances of being accepted into the country, please call Akrami & Associates at 1 (877) – 820 – 7121 or 416-477-2545 for further details.

At Akrami & Associates there is always a way!!

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