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Important Information for the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Important Information for the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Selection Factors Under the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Are you a foreign skilled worker with a job offer from a Canadian company? Did you know that depending on the type of job offer you have, you may be able to work and live in Canada permanently? Foreign skilled workers with a valid job offer from a Canadian company may qualify for 10 additional points under the express entry Federal Skilled worker category. The points can be used to increase your chances at eligibility for an invitation to apply for permanent residence. If you have a job offer from a Canadian company, read this blog to find out if your job offer qualifies and to learn more about arranged employment for Federal Skilled Worker program.

What Are the Selection Factors Under the Federal Skilled Worker Program

When you create your profile in the first stage of express entry, you will be assessed based on the following six selection factors and given points for each selection factor for a maximum score of 100:

  • Arranged Employment in Canada (10 points)
  •  Language – maximum 28 points
  •  Education (maximum 25 points)
  •  Work experience (maximum 15 points)
  •  Age (maximum 12 points)
  • Adaptability (10 points)

To qualify under the federal skilled worker program, you must receive at least 67 points or higher.

What is a Valid Job Offer for Arranged Employment for Federal Skilled Worker Program

Although a job offer is not required for eligibility under the federal skilled worker program, having one will give you 10 additional points and therefore increase your chances at an invitation. However, it cannot be just any type of job offer.

To be a valid job offer, the Canadian employer must apply and be approved for a Labour Market Impact Assessment through the Employment Services Development Canada. The process requires the employer to show efforts to advertise and recruit Canadian workers for the same position. If after the recruitment process, the employer is unable to find a Canadian worker and the LMIA is approved, only then can the employer make a job offer to the foreign worker.

For the purposes of express entry’s federal skilled worker program, the job offer from the Canadian employer must be for at least 1 year. The job offer must be received before the foreign worker travels to Canada as a federal skilled worker. It must be for continuous, paid, full-time work (30 hours/week minimum) and not a seasonal position. The position must be a skill type 0, Skill Level A or B of the National Occupational Category. The foreign worker must have the qualifications to fill the position and if it is a regulated occupation, he or she must be licensed or certified in Canada.

The job offer for arranged employment must be in writing and it must set out the details of the job that the employer is writing. This includes pay and deductions, job duties to be assigned and conditions of employment, such as hours of work.

What Are the Required Language Skills for Eligibility Under the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Language skills are important because being able to communicate in English, French or both will help foreign workers looking to enter the Canadian labour market. Under the selection factors, express entry applicants may receive a maximum of 28 points for their language abilities in English and French. Applicants will need to complete one of the approved tests (ex: IELTS or TCF Canada) to show that they can communicate in English, French or both. Points will be awarded based on the applicant’s ability to write, read, listen or speak English or French.

What are the Education Skills Required for Eligibility under the Federal Skilled Worker Program

The highest scores awarded for education is 25 points. Applicants who went to a school outside of Canada may need to have their certificate, diploma or degree assessed by an approved agency and be issued an Educational Credential Assessment report that will show its Canadian equivalency. Education completed in Canada does not need to be assessed.

What Work Experience Qualifies for Eligibility for Points under the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Applicants may receive up to a maximum of 15 points for their skilled work experience. The skilled work experience must be either skill type 0, skill level A or B, at least 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time equivalent. The skilled work experience can be either in Canada or abroad, may have been acquired while studying if abroad, and while being self-employed. The more work experience you have as a foreign skilled worker, the higher your points earned under this category of the selection factors.

What Are the Age Requirements for Points Under the Federal Skilled Worker Program

The highest scores you can earn for your age under the selection factors is 12 points. Those between the ages of 18 to 35 may earn the highest points and age will be calculated based on your age at the time your application is received.

What Are the Factors Considered to Earn Points for Adaptability Under the Express Entry Program

Foreign workers seeking to immigrate to Canada and boost the economy must show that they have the skill and ability to adapt and settle in Canada. Under this selection factor, applicants will be assessed for a combination of factors, including language level, past studies in Canada, past work history in Canada, any arranged employment, and having relatives in Canada who are Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents. The maximum score that can be received for adaptability is 10 points.

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