How can I prove that my relationship is genuine?

prove-that-my-relationship-is-genuin_20201209-210005_1 How can I prove that my relationship is genuine?

Sponsorship How can I prove that my relationship is genuine?

In order to sponsor your spouse, common law or conjugal partner to come to Canada, both applicants must meet various requirements outlined by the Government of Canada. One of these requirements is to prove your relationship is genuine.

Proving the genuiness of your relationship to immigration officers can be stressful and sometimes bordering on embarrassing. Giving a stranger a look through private eyes into the intimacy of your relationship… it can be the make it or break it aspect of your application. In this blog we’ll look at ways to prove that your relationship is real and not just to get into the beautiful country you want to call home with your significant other.

What is a genuine relationship?

Couple must show that you are in a loving committed relationship and most importantly didn’t enter that relationship solely to obtain permanent resident status in Canada. Immigration officers examine and comb through all of your supporting documents in your application and may call you for an interview. All applicants must take this portion of the application very seriously as officers look very carefully for immigration fraud via phony relationships.

How Can I Prove my relationship is genuine?

There are a variety of documents you can provide to show that you and your partner have a real, genuine relationship. It is important to provide documents that span the entirety of your relationship. For example if your relationship has lasted 5 years, it is important to provide evidence over the past 5 years. This helps build a strong case in your favour.

Communication between partners

  • Phone records
  • Text messages
  • Letters
  • Whatsapp messages
  • Social media

While there is a limit of how much you can submit, it is important to select the most honest and sincere communications throughout the entire duration of your relationship.

Joint Documents

  • Insurance policies
  • Phone bills
  • Bank statements

Any records with both partners names listed are beneficial to submit with your application. Its clear evidence of the ongoing support between partners.


  • Trips
  • Family events
  • With family and/friends
  • Of gifts given/received

Travel Itineraries

  • plane, train, car rental, bus tickets
  • hotel reservations and bills
  • Passport showing that you travelled together or each other home countries

Any evidence that you have travelled together or to be with each other is convincing.

Personal Statements and Reference Letters

Personal statements written by both partners are very important. They should include details of when you first met, plans for the future and memorable moments.

This should also be supplemented by reference letters form family, friends, co-workers, or anyone who has knowledge and can support the geniuses of your relationship.

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