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How to write an invitation letter

How to write an invitation letter

What is an Invitation Letter?

It is a simple letter written to invite a person living outside of Canada to visit Canada either for vacations for a certain event. However, it is important to note that a letter of invitation in no way guarantees the issuance of a visa. For a visa to be issued the person applying has to meet the criteria under the Canadian immigration law.

What must be included on the Letter of Invitation?

The writer has to include complete information about the person being invited. This information would include the following:

  • Complete name

  • Date of birth

  • Address & telephone number

  • Purpose of the trip

  • Duration of the stay in Canada

  • Financial needs—how the person would pay for their stay

  • Date of departure from Canada

  • Where the person will stay

  • The writer’s relationship to the visitor

The writer is also required to include information about him or herself. Include:

  • Complete name

  • Date of birth

  • Contact information—address and phone number

  • Occupation information—job title

  • Status in Canada—whether a citizen or permanent resident

  • A photocopy of document to prove your status in Canada –passport, or birth certificate or PR card

  • Details of the writer’s family members including name and date of birth

  • The total number of people residing in the writer’s household and include any sponsored people whose sponsorship is still in effect.

How Long Should My Invitation Letter Be?

While there is no specific length prescribed by the CIC for the letter, however it is best to keep the letter short and to the point while including all that is asked. Usually the letter is written in a first person perspective and includes present and future tenses.

The introduction of the letter should describe who the letter is written by and for what purpose along with who it is being written for. Furthermore the writer can establish his own personal information in the introduction followed by the information of the visitor.

It is important for the writer to establish the relationship he shares with the visitor and provide any past reference for it.

After the introduction of each party has been established, the body paragraphs should include all other information required by CIC, such as the purpose of the visit, the duration, financial capacity etc.

If the writer is promising anything in the letter it should be written clearly and precisely in the body of the letter. If the visitor is being invited on a certain event then provide information for that event as well including the date, time and venue.

Lastly, there should be a conclusion to the letter that would tie the complete letter together. It should include a final salutation followed by a signature of the writer. If any document is attached it should be mentioned at the end of the letter.

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