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Lawyers for Temporary Work Visa to Canada

Lawyers for Temporary Work Visa to Canada

If you wish to work in Canada, there are many documents you will need to provide in addition to your application. You may be having difficulties managing which documents are needed to make your case better and which ones are better left untouched.

If this is your situation, you may have come across the phone number of an immigration law firm and called to ask for some general advice. During or after your call, you may have considered whether or not you should retain a legal representative for the complete process.

One of the questions you may have asked was, whether or not you had to have an immigration lawyer complete the process for you. The answer is no, you are not required to hire a legal representative if you do not choose to do so.

This being said, the question, should you have a legal representative aid you, is another issue entirely. Although there can be no guarantees regarding the success of your application, the help of a legal representative can be beneficial.

Experienced legal representatives would have seen and completed many types of applications and so they would be able to,

  • complete your application with the more accuracy
  • provide you with legal advice during the process

Completing your application with precision the first time will mean less delay for you. If an application is returned because of missing information, this will result in more time spent on fixing and re-sending it.

In addition to this, if there are any concerns you have about the process and procedures, you can share it with your representative. They will also be able to offer you suggestions regarding the types of documents to submit in order to better support your case.

At Akrami & Associates, we offer a legal team with vast experience. Call us today to book a consultation and one of our legal representatives will be glad to assist you.

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