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Difference Between a Temporary Resident Permit vs. Criminal Rehabilitation

Difference Between a Temporary Resident Permit vs. Criminal Rehabilitation

Temporary Resident Permit vs. Criminal Rehabilitation

In Canada, there are two relevant applications that one may apply for if they wish to overcome their criminal inadmissibility; they are a Temporary Resident Permit or a Criminal Rehabilitation. The two have similarities in the matters that they deal with, specifically criminality, but they also have noticeably big differences. As a person with criminal inadmissibility, it is very important to determine which application is best suited for you. Therefore, in this article, I will explain the difference between a Temporary Resident Permit and a Criminal Rehabilitation, as well as which application you need to apply for based on your criminal past.

The Difference between a Temporary Resident Permit vs. Criminal Rehabilitation

Although both of these applications help criminally inadmissible individuals gain entry into Canada, there are major differences between the two. For instance, the most evident difference between the two applications is the length of time you are permitted to enter Canada for. Specifically, with a Temporary Resident Permit, you will only be permitted a single entry into Canada. The Temporary Resident Permit does not allow multiple entries into Canada. This permit will indicate the period of time that you are allowed to stay in Canada and any limitations to your travel in Canada.

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