Intra Company Transfer Work Permit Filing Your Own Application Video

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Are you looking into filing your own Intra Company Transfer Work Permit application? Watch our video and see how you can submit a successful application to immigration Canada.

Intra Company Transfer Work Permit Filing Your Own Application

There are many documents required when applying for an Intra Company Transfer Work Permit, or with any government application honestly. If you’re looking at filing your own Intra Company Transfer Work Permit  you have to ensure that the following documents are included alongside your application. The first is the confirmation of the foreign worker is currently employed by the multi-national and seeking entry in the branch or the affiliate or parent company here in Canada.

Obviously you can include documents like the employment confirmation letter. You are also required to demonstrate that you have been employed with the foreign company before you enter the Country. Your confirmation of your employment has to be a minimum one year, in order to prove to the officer that you meet this minimum requirement you should include, pay stubs, the contract, and the confirmation letter signed by the HR department to show that the you have been employed permanently for 12 months.

The confirmation letter must outline the actual position not only in the foreign company but also the position at the job that is offered in Canada. The position has to be managerial, executive or specialised knowledge. When you draft either a transfer letter or a confirmation for employment job duties have to be included, the officer has to ensure that when you do transfer the candidate they are under the executive, manager, or specialised knowledge.

You also want to include a registry to demonstrate that qualifying relationship. In addition to that you want to ensure that you have documentation to demonstrate that the intentions are only temporary. Have a few documents to show that the candidate is in the United States, such as purchase and sales agreement of the property, or bank accounts whatever he or she may have in the US and bring over to Canada on a temporary basis.

This is the basic document that has to be included, there are other documents the essentials such as the passport page, credentials to demonstrate that the candidate can do the position here in Canada. A lot of times when Candidates apply on their own they forget that they corporate documents, proof of being a part of the organisation for 12 months and you can do that by pay subs and so forth.

If you’re looking at filing an Intra Company Transferee give us a call let us give you a detailed list of documents in order to secure a work permit.

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