Tips on Intra-Company Transferee Work Permit Application

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Intra Company Transferee Work Permit Application

Submitting an application to this program comes with a long list of requirements as well as employer criteria that you will need to consider. Both you and your employer will need to meet the eligibility criteria in order to have your application processed.

To be successful as an intra-company transferee, you will need to satisfy an officer making a decision on your matter that you have the necessary skills and background to fulfill you intended purpose in Canada, your parent company abroad and the company in Canada have a qualifying relationship and you will be fulfilling your intended duties under the classification of an executive, managerial or specialized knowledge.

An application for an Intra-Company Transferee work permit is a very document intensive and complicated application. We highly recommend you seek the assistance of a skilled immigration representative.

Akrami & Associates will guide you every step of the way with this. Contact us for more details.

If you intend on submitting your application without the support of a representative, there are a couple of factors you should keep in mind.

Company Qualifying Relationship

Parent means a firm, corporation or other legal entity that has subsidiaries.

Subsidiary refers to a firm, a corporation, or other legal entity of which a parent owns:

  • directly or indirectly, half or more than half of the entity and controls the entity; or
  • owns, directly or indirectly, 50% of a 50-50 joint venture and has equal control and veto power over the entity; or
  • owns directly or indirectly, less than half of the entity, but in fact controls the entity.

Branch is an operating division or office of the same organization housed in a different location.

Affiliate means:

  • one of two subsidiaries, both of which are owned and controlled by the same parent or individual; or
  • one of two legal entities, owned and controlled by the same group of individuals, each individual owning and controlling approximately the same share or proportion of each company.

You or your employer will need to determine this relationship and be able to demonstrate it with the proper documentation. Documents demonstrating share distribution are a good place to start.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Education – Your education should reflect your current position as well as your intended purpose in Canada.

Knowledge – Knowledge in your field should be based on experience with the company and be unique to your occupation. Essentially, not just anyone would be able to accomplish your intended purpose in Canada.

Experience – Your experience or tenure with the company should be comparable to your claims of unique knowledge. If you have only been working of the company for two years, for example, you will need to strongly demonstrate that you have amassed unique or insider knowledge of the company's business in a relatively short amount of time.

Salary – Your intended salary should be comparable to current market standards in the province your company will be operating out of in Canada.

Relevant training – Training you have received could also reflect how you have obtained specialized or in depth knowledge.

Supporting documentation – Your resume, reference letters, proof of completed works etc. should reflect your claims and the factors above.

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