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In 2015, The Live in Caregiver Program went through a great deal of change. Watch our video to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as the employer and the live in caregiver in Canada.

Changes to Live in Caregiver Program

The Live in Caregiver has made some recent chances it is now called the In Home Caregiver, the employers are now entitled to hire caregivers, nurses or aids. The program was created address the shortage of caregivers in Canada. Over the period, new criteria for education and skills have been introduced in the live-in caregiver program. The program applies only to the care of children aged under the age of 18, elderly aged 65 or older, or persons with disability. The program applies only to caregivers who live in the home of the person for whom they are caring, even if the home is not the employers’ residence. The employer must employ the live-in caregiver on a full-time basis and provide a furnished room for the exclusive use of the caregiver. Under the Live in Caregiver Program the employer and applicant have to meet certain criteria.

The employer has a responsibility to fill the position with a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident or a foreign worker that is already in Canada prior to offering the position to foreign national. Also, the employer has to be able to pay the applicant minimum prevailing wage for that province or territory, provide acceptable living space in his/her home if the applicant decide to live inside the employers home. If the applicant decides to live at the employers home he/she cannot deduct pay for accommodations or room services provided. Another important factor is the person being taken care of has to be child, an elderly person or person with disability. Once the employer receives a Positive Labour Market Assessment (LMIA) from Service Canada the employer can offer the position to the foreign worker and include employment contract with the application.

A caregiver who is already a part of the live-in caregiver program and wants to continue working on live-in basis can be hired for caregiving. To do so, the employer needs to get a positive LMIA and the caregiver needs to get a work permit. The live-in arrangement must be mentioned in the LMIA application.

The eligibility criteria the applicant has to meet under the Live in Caregiver Program includes having completed an education equal to Canadian secondary school diploma, have at least six months of full time classroom training in caregiving or one year of work experience as a caregiver or in a related job within the last three years (including at least six months of ongoing work with one employer). Language is another important part of the application you have to be able to speak or read in English or French, getting medical and police clearances are also important to show you are not inadmissible to Canada. As the applicant you also need to include the employment contract with your application.

As the employer you are also responsible for the working conditions, health insurance, workers compensation, record of employment, deduction, room and board and helping your employee adjust

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