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Do you want to come to Canada as a Live in Caregiver? Not sure if you meet the eligibility criteria to obtain your Live in Caregiver Work Permit? If so, watch our video that discusses 5 requirements you have to meet as Live in Caregiver to work in Canada. Find out if you qualify!!!

Live in Caregiver 5 Requirements

How can you as a live-in caregiver qualify for either work permit or permanent residence? As a foreign worker who wants to come in as a live-in caregiver, obviously the first thing we need to have is an employer who is willing to provide you employment along with an employment letter. So, there are five key requirements to start that application and to ensure that you qualify for a live-in caregiver application. The first is to ensure you have an employer that is willing to do what’s called the labor market impact assessment, this is issue by employment and social development Canada also known as ESDC. An LMIA is an application to service Canada and essentially arguing that the live-in caregiver position that you are trying to fill is not readily available in Canada. The second requirement here is random employment contract, now the employment contract is unique when it comes to live-in caregiver, it discusses some specifics, includes the wage the hours that you need to work, the job duties performed, where you will be staying. So, the details of this employment contract are also located on our website you can look at it and it’s very specific.

The third requirement which is very important, is a new requirement. We must demonstrate that the applicant (the live-in caregiver) has successfully completed a secondary school education and what the officer will do is assess the school in the foreign country and equate it to the secondary school system that we have in Canada and make sure it is compliant and it is up to Canada’s standards. So, in there you want to include your high school diploma for example may be your transcripts of classes, anything in that relationship to the education that you have completed.

The fourth requirement which is also a relatively new requirement, is also compulsory is either 6 months of in class training or one year full time employment where one of that one year 6 months is with one employer.

The fifth and last requirement is that you must be able to communicate in either English or French. Speaking, reading and comprehending one of two languages whether its English or French is mandatory, so we do recommend that if you can provide an ielts (International English Language Testing System) exam results so that it demonstrate that you do understand and speak English or something of that nature to demonstrate so maybe you took classes in English or maybe English is a primary language in your home country so you want to include documentation and prove that you are able to speak in either English or French.

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