On Canadian Study Permit Can I Work?

There are many rules regarding work while you are on a Study Permit. Depending upon your situation, a work permit may, or may not, be required of you. There are four circumstances that may be applicable to your situation

The first is if you wish to work on campus. So you have your study permit and you are enrolled in a post-secondary institution, what can you do? You may work at the school you are enrolled in if you are a full-time college or university student and you have a valid work permit.

If you wish to work off campus, you may do so without a work permit, for twenty hours a week during the regular school year or full-time during school breaks. In order to qualify you must,

  • Hold a valid study permit
  • Be a full-time student
  • Be enrolled in a designated learning institution
  • Be enrolled in a program that is at least six months in length

If your program offers a co-op or internship opportunity, you may wonder what is required of you to participate. Not only must you have a study permit to be eligible to participate in a co-op or intern experience, you must also apply for a work permit. Most requirements are similar to working off campus, however, some additional requirements include,

  • The intended employment must be an integral part of your program
  • The co-op or internship cannot form more than 50% of your total studies

The final situation you may find yourself in is what to do when you have completed your studies. So you have finished school in Canada, what should you do now? In order to work in Canada after you graduate, you must apply for a work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.

This is an overview of the many ways you may work with a study permit. At Akrami & Associates, we can assist you with assessing whether or not you are eligible for any of these options and provide you with any help you may need regarding applications and procedures. Call us today and let a legal representative aid you.

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