Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Way to Immigrate

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is a Provincial Nominee Program that opens routes for graduates and skilled worker to migrate to the province. Like many provinces, Saskatchewan is developing and it requires professionals to support its economy.

Two Streams :

1. Option for Students on Work Permit issued after Graduation

This is for those students who have graduated from a university in Canada and have worked for at least six months in the province of Saskatchewan. To be eligible, you must:

  • Have received a diploma, certificate or degree from a post-secondary institution of Saskatchewan. The program itself must be at least one year long
  • Have worked for at least six months. This may include the work gained on a valid Post-graduate Work Permit and off-campus or on-campus work experience gained during the studies or summer breaks. The latter must be confirmed by the institution.
  • Have attained work permit
  • Have received a confirmed offer of employment from an employer in Saskatchewan. The job, however may not be necessarily related to the field of studies.

2. Option for Foreign Graduates

Unlike other immigration programs, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program provides graduates and research students with a unique opportunity to immigrate to Canada. To be eligible, you must:

  • Have completed a Masters or PhD program from a Saskatchewan university.
  • Apply for the immigration within two years of receiving the degree.
  • Prove the genuine intent of living and establishing yourself and your family in the province of Saskatchewan
  • Show connection to the province by either having worked for an employer in Saskatchewan or having a spouse who works for a Saskatchewan employer. (In case of insufficient connection, must prove that you have sufficient funds to survive for at least a few months without work. Typically, you need to provide proof of funds of around $10,000)

We can Help You

It is often confusing and difficult to decide, which route is the most appropriate for you when you are planning to immigrate to Canada. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program provides a golden opportunity for foreign graduates to immigrate to Canada in a very short period. However, you must plan your application very carefully. There are a number of documents which are required with your application.

Contact Us

If you require assistance in drafting your application or in choosing a specific stream of Provincial Nominee Program, you can contact us. We have helped many applicants immigrate to Canada using a route that was most feasible for them. If you have any queries, call or email us. We will immediately schedule an appointment where we can discuss your matter.

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