Can I Sponsor My Spouse to Canada?

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Spousal immigration is an important aspect of Canadian immigration and thousands of people apply under this category every year. If you have a spouse who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, he/she can sponsor you to immigrate to Canada under certain conditions. This is a useful program for those people who cannot qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker or the Canadian Experience Class. Moreover, the applicant doesn't have to meet strict policies as it would have to meet under the skilled worker programs. However, the sponsor must meet the eligibility criteria to be able to sponsor the spouse.

Are There Any Complications In Spousal Sponsorship Programs?

As with Federal Skilled Worker programs, spousal immigration program is also under heavy influx of applications. As a result, the applicants are experiencing long delays, and in some cases refusals. There are quite many reasons: Many sponsors don't qualify easily for the program as there are rigid eligibility criteria for the sponsor. Others find it difficult to prepare an appropriate application.

Reducing the Backlog

As large number of applications began to pile up in immigration office, the government of Canada decided to take some necessary measures to reduce it. This backlog was not only causing delays to existing applications but was also debilitating the government's capacity to attract potential new applicants. Along with many other immigration programs, the Spousal Sponsorship program also saw important changes. Generally, the assessment process became more stringent and only after a long and thorough scrutiny process, do the applications reach a decision. This takes a lot of time.

Factors to Consider when Preparing an Application as a Sponsor

The following is a list of important aspects that must be considered by a sponsor before preparing an application. Many cases get rejected because they fail to comply with one of the following requirements or fail to submit sufficient proof to support their case. It is important that you consider these factors before applying to immigrate to Canada.

Were You Yourself Sponsored a Few Years Ago?

If you wish you sponsor your spouse, and you were yourself sponsored by a permanent resident in Canada a few years ago, it is legally possible. However, according to the latest requirement, you must wait for at least five years before you can sponsor your spouse. The time starts after you have received your permanent residence.

Are You a Established Resident in Canada?

The government of Canada has been experiencing cases where people immigrate to Canada and then due to lack of financial resources, they turn to the government and other private organizations for support. To ensure that the sponsor is able to support the immigrant financially, the Spousal Sponsorship program obligates the sponsor to take the whole and sole responsibility of the immigrant. He/she must support the immigrant financially and must meet his/her living requirements.

Before preparing your application, you must provide proof that you have sufficient funds and/or income sources to not only support yourself and your dependents, but to also support the sponsored immigrant. It is important to keep in mind that if you have taken loans in the past or have defaulted on any of them, you may have to provide additional proofs that your circumstances have changed and now you are in a state to support the immigrant.

Have you Previously Sponsored a Relative?

Your history matters a lot when you are applying under the Spousal Sponsorship immigration. The government of Canada is interested to know how you have been in paying your credits or supporting an invited immigrant in the past, when you are applying to immigrate to Canada. If you have sponsored a relative in the past and were not able to meet his/her requirements as promised, this is a red sign for you. You must prove that your circumstances were different then and must provide documents that prove your current financial standing.

Still Confused?

There are many other requirements as well. To be sure that you are moving on the right path, you must consult an immigration consultant. We have helped many people who wanted to immigrate to Canada under the spousal immigration program. We can help you too. All you need to do is make a call and we can take it from there. We'll arrange an appointment for you and a dedicated representative will discuss your matter. This experienced person will stay by your side throughout the process and will keep you informed about your application status.

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