Spousal Sponsorship in Canada

Sponsoring Your Spouse to Canada

Have you recently married to a person living outside of Canada and are a Canadian citizen or someone with a permanent Canadian residence status yourself? Are you curious as to how you might be able to permanently move them to Canada and live together with your significant other? Through the course of this blog, you will be informed on the requirements needed to help make your spousal sponsorship process easier. The types of sponsorships that can apply for spousal sponsorships, requirements needed to be a sponsor, and the requirements of the individual seeking permanent residency will also be discussed through the course of this blog.

Spousal Sponsorship Eligibility

Many people have the common question: “Well, how can I become a sponsor?” If you are one of these people, do not worry as there are only a few requirements necessary to become an approved sponsor. Some requirements include being 18 years of age or older, being a permanent resident in Canada, or are a Canadian resident. Those who are Canadian citizens and chose to live outside of Canada with their spouse can do so if they can successfully prove to the government that the person is only living there until their significant other’s sponsorship has been approved. One must also prove that no social assistance was provided for reasons other than a disability. On top of that, the person needs to be able to provide for the basic needs of the person who they are sponsoring. They can finally send in their application form to become a sponsor once all these requirements have been followed.

Who cannot be a Sponsor

Someone who fails to pay immigration loans, performance bonds, and family support payments cannot become a sponsor. Other factors such as being in prison, sponsoring someone without living in Canada for more than 5 years, convictions of sexual or violent offences, etc. can restrict and terminate the person’s ability to become a sponsor under the Canadian immigration system. Other factors may pertain.

Who can be a Principal Applicant

Requirements of the individual seeking permanent residency are different as primarily, the person applying needs to be considered an admissible traveler to Canada. This means that one must be a person who is a potential candidate to gain a residency and is not to be a threat to the country in any way. Many factors can determine the eligibility of a person. Being a security risk, have serious health problems, ties to organized crime, etc. can lessen one’s chance of getting their sponsorship approved of. A full police background check of the person, including their criminal record, is a common method to determine whether the applicant is fit to gain permanent residency in Canada. The details from the background check are required to be submitted with your other application forms. If the applicant is seen as inadmissible to Canada, they are automatically denied entry into the country.

Therefore, it is highly important for your spouse to successfully maintain a good history as it will quicken the process of receiving your permanent residence. The application to become a sponsor and the application to enter Canada under the sponsorship of their spouse must both be sent in at the same time. A temporary resident permit may be issued instead of a permanent residency for those who have failed or been denied entry into Canada, but has a valid reason to travel to Canada. This is usually issued to those who are viewed as admissible by Canadian authorities. For further information on the requirements and process behind this permit, contact our legal advisors at Akrami and Associates.

How will the Immigration Officers Review My Application

Within your application, it is important to state the relationship between you and your spouse. Immigration officers will view the relationship between you and your spouse to determine the genuineness of the relationship. You will need to prove with proof, like family photos, marriage documents, etc., that the person identified as your spouse truly is connected to you and is not just applying as a method to get the principle applicant permanent residency. Medical examination forms of the applicant will need to be handed in to prove that they are admissible to enter the country.

If all has successfully been met and your application had been approved, then an immigration visa will be approved. A processing fee and a Right of Permanent Residence Fee (if approved) will be required to be paid for anyone ages 19 or over, so that the visa can be issued. The person being sponsored is required to arrive in Canada before their visa expires.

Contact Akrami and Associates

The information listed in the blog contains some requirements necessary for those applying for a spousal sponsorship. By following the step by step process and assuring that all requirements necessary are met, it ensures for a quicker and easier process of one’s application into the country through a spousal sponsorship. For further information or questions please do not hesitate to contact Akrami and Associates at 416-477-2545 for a detailed consultation. With our on-call services or in person appointments, you can become fully aware of your responsibilities and eligibilities during this process. Our team of experienced lawyers can help you deal with your immigration problems and will find fitting solutions for your travel needs. Here at Akrami and Associates we have helped our clients through many diverse immigration matters. We can help you too. There’s always a way!

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