Visitor Visa and Spousal Sponsorship Video

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Wondering if you can sponsor your loved one and still have them visit in the meantime? Watch our video on Visitor visa and Spousal sponsorship to learn more about Dual Intent.

Visitor Visa and Spousal Sponsorship Video

Spousal sponsorship is the act of a person providing funds for their spouse whom resides in a different country in effort to bring them to the sponsor’s country. There are many reasons as to why one may have a spouse in another country. One spouse may have migrated to another country for a job that pays a decent amount of money and over time they have become a permanent resident or citizen so they now decide to bring their spouse to the same country as them. Spousal sponsorship is an opportunity for spouses to reunite with one another and begin their life together again. In order to sponsor a spouse successfully, it is a requirement that the sponsoring spouse is a citizen or permanent resident of the country they are residing in.

One of the many questions we get from our clients is can you apply for a visitors visa to bring your spouse to Canada and at the same time apply for spousal sponsorship. The short answer is yes you can. However, keep in mind that when you file for a visitors visa you need to convince the immigration officer that at the time of filing your application for visitor visa your intent is temporary. So, you need to convince the immigration officer should the sponsorship application get refused you will exit Canada once your Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) expires. To be on the safe side, you should apply for the visitor visa first and once the spouse is inside Canada, then you should apply for an inland spousal sponsorship.

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