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If you are interested in inviting or sponsoring your parent or grandparent for a Super Visa, you will need to keep in mind that there are financial requirements when doing so. Part of the requirements of the Super Visa application is demonstrating that you have a sufficient income as per the Minimum Necessary Income.

The Low Income Cut-Off is essentially an income threshold below which a family will likely devote a larger share of its income on the necessities of food, shelter and clothing than an average family. This information is compiled regularly and updated by Statistics Canada and used for many purposes, including Immigration.

Depending on your family size, in addition to the amount of people you are inviting, you will need to meet this income based. You will need to first calculate your family size and compare it to the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) chart.

When calculating the required income you will need to have, otherwise known as your Minimum Necessary Income, you will refer to the Low Income Cut-Off Chart:

Low Income Cut Off

Size of Family

Minimum Necessary Income

I Person (single person)


2 Persons


3 Persons


4 Persons


5 Persons


6 Persons


7 Persons


More than 7 Persons, for each additional person, add


There are a couple of ways you can demonstrate this amount. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada preferred way is through governmental documentation. This means by submitting your Notice of Assessment or Option C Printout as provided to you by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

The other way you can demonstrate your income requirements when applying for a Super Visa is through employment documentation. You can provide a letter of employment, confirming your income, as well as providing supplementary documentation to support this claim. Documents like bank statements, pay stubs, etc. can also be submitted to prove that you meet the 2014 income requirements for the Super Visa.

A Visa Officer assessing your application will need to be satisfied that you are able to continue to care for your family as well as the people you are inviting. If your spouse wishes to co-sign the application to invite your parents or grandparents, their income can also be included and counted towards meeting the Low Income Cut-Off.

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