Super Visa is Your Best Bet to Canada

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Super Visa to Canada

Since December 1st 2011, parents and grandparents of citizens and or permanent residents of Canada have had a lot to appreciate. Since its launch, the Super Visa program has been a super hit.  From the time it was first unveiled, close to 11000 super visas have been given. The acceptance rates for super visas have remained consistent at 80%. It is not surprising that the program keeps gaining popularity because these visas are awarded in just less than eight weeks of application.

What does this mean to parents or grandparents whose children reside in Canada?

If you are planning to visit your child or grandchild in Canada, then a Super Visa is the best bet for you. Keep reading to find out why. The Super Visa allows parents and grandparents of permanent residents and Canadian citizens to stay in Canada for 2 years or more. In most cases without necessarily having to make a renewal of their status. A few requirements must however be met to get admission.

So, who is really eligible for this Visa type?

Just as its name states, the Visa is meant for parents and grandparents of the citizens of Canadian or permanent residents of the country. The dependents of parents and grandparents are however not eligible for this visa. However, they can still apply for visitor visas.

There are several factors that the visa officials look at before they decide the admissibility of an applicant:

  • Provide a letter that promises they will get financial support from their children or grandchildren in Canada who must meet minimum wage requirement
  • Give proof that they have Canadian medical insurance at least for a year, which will cover them during their stay in the country
  • Complete a medical and immigration examination
  • Provide a letting from child or grandchild inviting them and lives in Canada
  • Give any proof that shows the relationship between the child or grandchild to the applicant

Ever wondered the difference between the Super Visa and a ten-year multiple entry visa?

A Super Visa gives the chance for multiple entries for up to two years. On the other hand the ten-year multiple entry visas are valid for up to 6 months per entry. However, there are single entry super visas and multi-entry visas as well. The latter visas allows for multiple entries for close to 10 years.

Currently, most Visitor Visas allow people to visit for up to six months when they enter Canada for the first time. Those who wish to extend their visit must apply and pay additional fees for this. With a Super Visa however, the eligible parents and grandparents can stay up to two years in Canada for their visit. Visitor visa and Super Visa are not the same therefore. Requirements are also different as you are going to learn.

Who Are the Benefits of Super Visa?

These Visas are beneficial to any foreign parents and grandparents of permanent residents and citizens of Canada. This is especially beneficial to parents and grandparents that are nationals of countries, which require a temporary resident's visa in order to enter Canada. Those who obtain the Super Visa will have a chance to travel freely between their own country and Canada without necessarily worrying about having to renew their temporary resident's visa each time.

There is also need to calculate the family size whenever one is making an application for the super visa.

The following people are to be included when calculating the family size:

  • Spouse of inviting child or grandchild
  • Dependents of inviting child or grandchild
  • Parents and grandparents of child or grandchild that are seeking the super visa.

Incase one comes from a country which does not require one to have a visa to enter Canada, can they really benefit from Super Visas? The answer is absolutely yes! Such people are eligible for the super visa. Residents from countries like France, United States, and United Kingdom are still free to make an application for super visas. This is necessary to ensure at least minimum requirements are met before the Visas are given.

This program is a true reflection of how much the Canadian government really values and cherishes family ties and connections. The program is likely to expand in future and more and more parent and grandparents will be able to visit their relatives in Canada quite easily.

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