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Have you been Denied Entry into Canada? If so, watch video below that discusses what a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) is, who can qualify for this permit, on what grounds you can be considered inadmissible to Canada, which Port of Entry to submit your TRP application and much more!!

What is a TRP

A Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) is a travel document issued to individuals who wish to enter Canada but have inadmissibility issues that prevent them from entering Canada due to a number of reasons. Temporary Resident Permits are usually issued to individuals who have a criminal record and want to enter the country based on certain circumstances and/or external factors. These criminal records, whether major offences – such as acts of terrorism – or minor offences – such as shoplifting, dui, misdemeanour, could cause inadmissibility problems. Issuing a Temporary Resident Permits to foreign nationals allows immigration officers to determine if an individual with a criminal record should be allowed to enter the country based on the reasons they provide; and if so, how long they can stay in the country.

Temporary Resident Permit allows you entry into Canada for temporary basis and issued for maximum of 3 years. It is important to attain this permit as it will make your entries to Canada much easier. When asking for a Temporary Resident Permit the intent should only be temporary whether it is for leisure, business, family emergency, wedding or any other reasons you may have.

TRP can be filed either at the Port of Entry or at the Consulate level. To determine where to submit depends on how many offences you have on record, how long ago it was, what you completed for it, reason for travel etc. It is always recommended to submit a TRP application at Consulate level as well as it demonstrates to the immigration officer you are taking every step to resolve the inadmissibility.

Remember it does not matter how long ago your offence occurred, even if it was 50 years ago you still be may denied entry to Canada. So ensure you go in prepared rather than taking the chance of getting denied entry.

If you like to have a permanent solution you may be eligible to apply for Criminal Rehabilitation application, once approved you can travel with ease to Canada without having to worry being stopped by the immigration officer.

If you have been Denied Entry to Canada due to your inadmissibility give us a call today and let us determine the next best options available to you.

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