Understanding Record Suspensions

Record Suspensions

Are you seeking to have your Canadian criminal offence pardoned or suspended? Attempting to move up in your career lateral and not have any past criminal stain hold you back from what you can really achieve? Or have you successfully completed your sentence in Canada, and simply just want your past offence erased and to not hold you down from achieving higher and better feats in life? Well, according to Akrami and Associates, there is always a way! If you have a past offence on record you are definitely eligible to apply for your record suspension or pardon application. In Canada, over the last 5 years more than 500,000 Canadians have received Record Suspensions or Pardons. Let us help you become one of those lucky applicants too. For further information on acquiring a pardon or record suspension, please continue reading this blog.

What is a Record Suspension

By applying for a record suspension application, this allows those whom have done a crime on Canadian soil and have successfully served their sentence, to remove the accessibility aspect of their criminal record by clearing it. Through acquiring a record suspension or pardon, this allows those who have a criminal past to have a better chance with any possible career advancement without the fear of background checks, for maintaining or obtaining custody of children or childcare, furthering your education, and get a chance to seek a pardon before a new legislature removes the possibility of doing so.

Who qualifies under a Record Suspension application

Applicants, whom are eligible to apply for a record suspension application is anybody who has committed their crime on Canadian soil, have completed every necessary step required of them in order to finalize their sentence, and are seeking a pardon from the Canadian government.

A criminal record is a record of any criminal activity anyone has committed. This can affect those individuals, even if they only committed a minor offence in the past. Having a prior criminal record can create a lot of problems in one’s life, such as travelling, amongst many other things.

Knowing to apply for pardons or record suspensions can make for a tricky process. This is because, anybody who has even been charged with a crime on record regardless of whether or not they were found guilty for it, still allows for one to have a criminal record. Getting a RCMP clearance will be an applicant’s best bet to knowing what is really on your record.

Restrictions on a Record Suspension application

Based off of your offense committed, all applicants must keep in mind that they must wait between 5 – 10 years after successfully having completed their sentence imposed on them. Only after then, with the right supporting documents of good conduct and behavior, will any applicant possibly be granted a pardon or record suspension.

Neither a record suspension nor a pardon will be granted if an applicant has a sexual offence with a minor imposed on record, or if you have done jail time for over 2 years for more than 3 times.

Contact Akrami and Associates

If you are considering applying for a record suspension or pardon from the Canadian government due to the fact that you are in constant fear of being stopped from either moving up in your career, maintaining custody of your children or childcare, furthering your education, or acquire a pardon before any future law changes, then it is of utmost importance that the correct process is obtained and followed by applicants when requesting to remain on Canadian soil. If this process is not done correctly, applicants can expect to face deportation from Canada or remain in fear of the aforementioned factors. Although this is an unfortunate circumstance, the Canadian government holds strict on their visa policies for all foreign nationals and want both permanent residents and citizens to abide by the law in full totality. In order to prevent this circumstance from occurring, it is highly advised that applicants considering acquiring a pardon or record suspension seek out professional and experienced help on their behalf. Here at Akrami and Associates we obtain all of the fundamental steps deemed necessary to help you get started in the right process, by providing you with the information you need to ensure a quality application being submitted on your behalf. If you believe you are eligible for a Canadian pardon or record suspension and want to get started in the right direction, please feel free to contact us at Akrami and Associates at our office at 416-477-2545 for more information. or if you would like to book a consultation with an immigration professional for more advice,

With Akrami & Associates, there is always a way!

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