Canadian Visitor Visa What You Need To Know

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Canadian Visitor Visa

What is a Visa?

Visa is the name of the document that authorizes a person to either enter or leave a geographical territory. It shows that the person is allowed to move into or out of and area. However, permission is mostly required from an official for entering into Canada. The visa can be in the form of a paper document or a seal placed on a person's passport.

There are many fine points attached with visas and their usage. Some of important points regarding visas of any country are:

  • Visa is a clearance given to non citizens of a country to enter and remain in it, usually for a fixed period of time and conditions
  • A visa usually also prohibits employment especially if it is a visitor visa
  • The visa document itself does not guarantee entry into a country
  • It can be revoked at any time without prior notice
  • Usually visa is issued after evaluating several prospects of the visa seeker such as financial stability and reason of application.

What is Temporary Residence?

Temporary Residence is a Canadian visa system which refers to the fact that the person coming to Canada does not wish to remain here.  Rather he asks permission to either complete a task or spent a period of time in Canada. There are few additional subtypes of Temporary Canadian Residence. These are explained below:

  • People looking for temporary jobs or contract jobs in Canada apply for a temporary work permit
  • For the purpose of study, a person has to apply for a Temporary Study Visa.
  • If you want to just visit Canada, you need a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) unless you are from a country which is visa exempt.

How to Apply for a Canadian Visit Visa?

Each year many people visit Canada. A TRV depends upon your nationality and other such factors.

One must remember that even getting a visitor visa is no guarantee of entrance in Canada. A visa officer at the point of entry in Canada makes sure that you have a genuine purpose in Canada and you will go back to your country after your visa period. Getting a Visit Visa however is not such a simple task. One has to apply to embassies and Immigration department with detailed applications.

Can I Go to Another Country and Come Back to Canada Within my Visa Period?

It depends upon the type of your visa. If you have a single entry visa in Canada you cannot go from Canada and come back. However, usually you can travel to the United States without an additional visa requirement.

There also multiple entry visas. These visas allow you to freely visit another country and come to Canada within the period of validity of these visit visas.

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