Border Interview Questions

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Visitor Visa Border Interview Questions

Being asked to wait in a small room while you wait for questioning by an immigration officer can be a nerve wracking experience for the unprepared. Knowing what to expect and preparing yourself for the experience can mean the difference between refusal and approval.

Before going to any interview, you should already be well experienced with the information since it is all about you. Make sure you review the information you provided on your application forms to be sure it coincides with the information you will be relaying to the officer.

Below are some commonly asked questions about sponsorship interviews with tips on how to give your best answer. Above all else, be confident, specific and truthful.

1. How long have you been working for your employer?

2. What was your previous employment?

3. What are the duties you perform day to day?

4. What as educational background?

5. Who is your supervisor?

6. Have you travelled to Canada on business before?

Questions such as these help the officer determine the scope of your purpose in Canada as well as corroborate any evidence that should appear in your documentation. Not to say there is no such thing as forgetting details, but officers are usually weary of visitors who are ill prepared, nervous or do not know the details of their own travel. Customarily, and especially on business, one is well prepared and knowledgeable on their purpose in Canada

1. Where will you be staying?

2. How long?

3. Where will you be visiting?

4. Where do you currently reside?

5. Do you have family or friends in Canada?

6. What is the intended business purpose of your trip?

It is during this line of questioning that the officer expects you to demonstrate the temporary nature of your visit as well as get a sense of your intended duties in Canada. Be sure they coincide with what is considered to be a business visitor. Otherwise, the office may suspect you are entering the work force, which requires an LMO and deny your entry.

Now that you have a sense of some of the questions that might be asked, you can make mental note and prepare responses. Review the merits of your case against the requirements to be certain as to whether or not you fit the bill. What you or your employer believe to be a business visitor might not be the same opinion as an immigration officer.

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